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Last of the 2010 Harvest

13 years ago

I picked the last of the Sun Gold tomatoes today and dug the remaining artichokes (not Jerusalem). I had one Long Island Cheese pumpkin vine this year. It produced 2 pumpkins which is standard for this heirloom. The one in the picture is over 7 lbs. I am roasting cubes of it with garlic and olive oil. My brother dropped off the last of the rice (a lifetime supply) and I am cooking 2 cups of it to toss with the pumpkin cubes. Topping the mixture off with crushed 'Salt n Pepper" pistachios. The tomatoes will be halved, the artichokes peeled & sliced and sprinkled with a bit of rice vinegar.

I am having an apple for dinner and these goodies will be my breakfast or lunch for the next few days. More than half of the raw pumpkin is going to Mom's to cook and freeze for pumpkin pies.

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