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Tile layout help needed (Cross-post from kitchens)

14 years ago

Well, nearly a year after we began demo-ing for our new kitchen, I am finally about to start the backsplash.....

Problem #1- How to center the tiles on the range wall?

I chose 3x6 subway tiles. I thought they would lay out neatly since lots of my measurements are multiples of 6. That was before I understood that the nominal tile dimensions are not exact. In reality, if I lay them self-spacing with nice tight grout lines like I'd planned, each tile measures about 5.9".

My range hood (and the space between the cabinets) is 30".

5 x tiles = just shy of 29.5".

I'd assumed I would take the rest of the layout off this opening, but now I am not so sure. Should I center the tiles along the back wall instead? If I center them in the 30" opening, there'll be teeny slivers... not even do-able, probably, on each end of some of the rows.


Problem #2- How to join these two perpendicular walls?

Perpendicular to the range wall is the sink run. Because of the two openings into the adjoining room, this backplash is only two tiles high (shy of 6"). What should happen in that corner where the two walls meet under the upper cabinet?

a) Run the 6" row back to the corner, and paint the wall space created under the upper cabinet.


b) Continue the full-height (to the bottom of the uppers) tiles around the corner to the front edge of the cabinet door, then drop it down to meet the 6" row? (I have the bullnoses to do that, since it was my original plan... now am second-guessing!)


What do you guys think would look best???

Here's a (messy!) pic of the whole corner for an overview... don't mind the shingles under the lower cabinets and no toekick ...a whole year later....ugh!

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