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Need opinions ASAP!! (will cross post in kitchens)

12 years ago

My husband and I are relocating out of state. We fell in love with a neighborhood and ended up purchasing a spec home there. Our builder has promised us a close date to get us in before school starts, but the decisions on the interior finishes need to be made yesterday. To complicate things, we have to do it all from a distance.

Right now, he needs the cabinet finish decided ASAP. It's a semi-custom cabinet from a national distributer. We've selected a shaker style maple door and are trying to decide the finish. My style is typically farmhouse/cottage. We've narrowed it down to two finish options, based on the hardwood floor choice we've already made. One is a middle range brown stain (cafe), possibly with a licorice glaze and the other is very dark (dulce). At first I didn't even like the dulce, but it's growing on me. The "safe" choice would be the middle level brown. The cabinet company rep told me that it is their most popular color. I'm sure we'd be happy with it, but it feels very - well, boring. I really liked the way the Dulce cabinet sample looked against some of my granite choices too. I've always thought of that very dark espresso stained cabinetry as being sleek and modern though. Can it work with a country farmhouse feel? The house is very farmhouse style on the exterior.

Exterior shot of model (ours will be sage green, not red) - but the style is the same.

This is the door style (in natural):

This is an example of the Dulce finish (perimeter cabinets), actually in a model home by my builder. The floors in this pic are the same floors we will be getting. Sand on site, natural finish (no stain, just poly).

another view:

Here is a pic of the cafe with licorice glaze, off the cabinet maker's website:

We are allowed a Level 1 granite, but might be willing to upgrade to a higher level, depending on cost. I was originally thinking Santa Cecelia, or maybe something like Ivory Gold/Brown, something with a heavy cream background, to keep things light.

The kitchen in our house is open concept, similar to the model above, with 9 ft ceilings. Kitchen is open to the family room and breakfast nook. The family room will have 3 sets of french doors with transoms (two fixed, one functioning), so about 12 ft width of doors. The breakfast nook has three windows together, about 7.5 x 5 in total. I think we'd have plenty of light to pull of the darker cabinet.

Would the darker cabs be too trendy? feel to modern to pull off a farmhouse look? I think I'm resisting the mid range brown, because that feels like what I already have now. I'm craving something different, but at the same time - I'm a big chicken.

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