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Help, Need your opinion ASAP on Granite install

15 years ago

Granite was installed today. New Venetian Gold. First I thought it was going to be more Gold, but it turns out to be darker. I can deal with that, my problem is, on both sides of the sink there is a large really dark cluster with lots of little spots. (really dark) Especially on the side where I will be doing lots of food preparation, on that cluster were many dings and little holes. I noticed after it was installed and the men scrapped them with razor and filled holes. He also went around the other side and sort of scrapped the top. I am not happy with the way it looks. And I am afraid because I will be really using that spot often. I told them I wanted that piece replaced. It is the largest piece. They said they would have to do that piece and even the smaller piece that it is seamed with.(installation job was fine) They will be calling me tomorrow to let me know the outcome. I am not happy with it, but what is it like to tear out the granite. I am so upset, I feel like this kitchen is never getting done. I am so concerned with what it will be like to take it out.Please advise if you have any idea what to do. Would you keep it with all those scapes. Acturally, it seems like where the darker spots are, there are more dings, etc. and it just does not have that smooth look. Help with advise. I have a feeling they might offer me a discount to keep it. What to Do????? How difficut and hard is it to remove?

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