Tiny bathroom---What do I do with this stuff????))

14 years ago

Was reading a bit of Pinktoes post regarding counter space in the bathroom when I stopped to think of my own mess here! We have the tiniest bathroom you could ever imagine in this old 1940's house and I'm not a small person, so always knocking things down as I enter and depart. There's absolutely no counter space except a little narrow border that surrounds the sink. I have added a shoe organizer over the door to house extra shampoos, mousse, etc., but still can't figure out where to put everything else! Also started with a plastic shoebox and wrote hubby's name on one and mine on the other to place in the hall closet in hopes that it would free up the under the sink space, but alas....the mess has returned!! The walls in our bathroom are plastic tiles, so hammering hooks or nails into the walls are almost out of the question. Any solutions to this problem other than knocking out a wall and enlarging our space? LOL? Picture a very narrow rectangular room with small sink, commode and tub/shower...ugh!

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