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New at this - many new but tiny branches, what do I do?

13 years ago

Hi all, This is probably a silly question to most of you, but I'm clueless about what to do. This is my second season with my trees - a Celeste, Brown Turkey, and Negronne (sp?). Anyway, all overwintered fine here on Long Island, and their growth has been great (small breba which I knocked off) so far, but here's the question... all seem to have too much new growth. I don't know all of the terminology, but the way I can describe it is that I have "main" new growth branches (already pinched after 6th leaf - thanks Herman!), but also have many much smaller new green branches on the last foot or so of old wood. These new growths are only 2-4" long, with very tiny leaves - no where near the size of everything else. I can't help but think that if I leave them alone, that they'll never have enough time for their figs to ripen, and that they're taking energy away from the main new growth branches. So basically, should I prune or snap them off or leave them alone (there's a lot)? Thanks everyone! Kathy

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