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Crusty French Bread With Almond Flour? Possible?

11 years ago

I am at a friend's house, browsing her book on baking with gluten free almond flour. Interesting.

Now, I am fine with gluten, so have no particular interest in being gluten-free. However, the book says that almond flour has 2X the protein, 1/3X the carbs, and essentially zero glycemic index, relative to a like weight of wheat flour.

So I am thinking bread made with almond flour might be a way to have my low-carb low-grain diet and still enjoy bread.

The problem is that the pictures of the bread in the book do not show the kind of bread I like. They are dense, dark, grainy, lumps - like meatloaf. I don't usually favor that sort of bread.

I like crusty French baguettes, holey ciabatta loaves, and sometimes sourdough.

The question is, can you make my favored type of bread, using almond flour? How about if you use yeast too? Suppose you mix in a little high gluten wheat flour (remember, I'm not gluten intolerant)?

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