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help with LR and DR decorating

16 years ago

Hello, I have been reading many of your postings for some decorating tips and was hoping that some of you could help me!! We moved to our home 10 months ago and have been replacing floors and painting to update it. I am working on my living room and dining room and can't wait to have a finished room to enjoy in the house! So here are my questions... For my living room I need a rug. Should I get a solid rug and have it bound or should I get a rug with pattern? For my dining room I plan to buy new furniture. I have a very rustic farmtable I was going to use bu now that we added the raised panels I feel like the room is really formal. I have silk curtains that I am waiting for my husband to hand. I bought a black wood rod and copper brown silk panels. Does the rug look OK in there? Is the black rod OK with the brown? I would like to get a black wood painted mirror for the wall, and am thinking about a round table and buffet for the new furniture. I would love any suggestions!! I have never posted pictures before and have been working on getting them posted all day so I hope this workd!! Thanks, Lisa

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