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5'7' x 8'9' Laundry Room Layout

13 years ago

My laundry room will be off of my kitchen and have an interior space of 5'7" X 8'9". All are interior walls, so there aren't any windows. I plan to have a pocket door so that the open door won't take away from either the L.R. space or the kitchen space.

I have Kenmore Elite front loading W&D that are 27" wide. I know they will fit in on a 5'7" wall (as I have a laundry closet now that is that width). I would LOVE to have a small sink for soaking, counter top for folding and some type of cubby/hooks for my children to keep their shoes, backpacks, jackets, etc. I know this is a very small space, but some advice on how to best utilize it would be much appreciated.

(I have considered stacking the W/D, but I also want the room to be flexible for resale, so I wouldn't want to design around that since not everyone would want their appliances in that configuration.)

Thank you for your help.

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