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Paint color for windowless guest room

10 years ago

I have a guest room/kitchenette/bath with no windows. What were they they thinking? I don't know.

The room needs to be painted, so I'm agonizing over color. I suspect it should be something fairly light and neutral, but I love color, hence the agonizing.

Currently there are some lightish wood cabinets, white trim, and a futon with a medium green cover. We could certainly get a new cover. When there are guests, it is covered with bedding anyway. We are about to put in a medium reddish brown wood look floor. We currently have incandescent bulbs in an overhead light fixture which could be changed.

I brought home 3 chips from SW:
Au Naturale LRV 61
Ginger Root LRV 51
Softened Green LRV 49

I also have some big sheets I painted for a recent project in Contented, Liveable Green, Rainwashed and Believable Buff. I chose the Believable Buff for my living room and am not particularly happy with it. Too yellow for my taste I think.

My head is telling me the Au Naturale is the way to go, but my heart says boring. I'm going to stop by SW today and pick up a sample pint of it. Maybe my heart will soften.

My question is: Are there any special considerations with a windowless room? I know the color will probably read darker.


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