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Help me please - pick out a picture option to hang in kitchen

11 years ago

Help me pick a picture to put in my very small kitchen location. Nothing is set in stone. There is always opportunity for another idea :)

Below are 5 options each taken from 2 diffent locations in my kitchen.

Extra large blue-green-rust colored with white blossoms I got yesterday at Lowes on sale. I consider this transitional, am I right? I can repurpose easily enough. I think it may be "over the top" large:

Pair of rather plain intentionally yellowed botanical prints I got cheap (for the frames):

Charcoal drawing of gourds and pots that I did some years back:

Old poppy and dasiy print in old white painted frame:

Silk screened print that is needing remounted on its matt:

Your thoughts would be so helpful and appreciated.

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