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Dryer vent condensation

10 years ago

OK. Water is building up in my dryer vent. I did not install this. The dryer is in an interior space in the finished basement which is the coolest part of the house. Metal flex comes out of the driver and bends 90d, runs on the floor for 3 ft, bends 90d and goes up a wall 3 ft, bends 90d and goes into a wall. I can�t see from here for 5-8 ft, but it must bend 90d and go up a wall to the ceiling for 4 ft and somewhere in here it changes to white plastic flex. Then it bends 90d and runs across the ceiling for 14 ft with another 90d bend in the middle where it crosses an I beam. Then it bends 90d and heads to the outside wall vent for 11 ft. The total is about 35 ft and seven 90d bends. I figure about 10 ft metal flex and 25 ft plastic. The metal and plastic flex tubing is 4 in in diameter.

About the 26 ft mark, where the plast runs across the ceiling along an I beam where our hot water heater is, there is a plastic T that I can access and loosen the clamps and check the plastic tubing. From this T, it rises slightly (about 3-4 in over about a 2.5 ft length) before making the 90d bend towads the outside wall. Water is condensing between this T and the 90d bend. I just noticed this the last couple of weeks, but suspect it has been an issue longer than that because the clothes have been harder to dry the longer we are in our weekend washing/drying process. When I first noticed the water, the tubing was sagging and may have been virtually full of water because a lot poured out. Since then I have been trying to drain it once a week or so at the T. I notice no lint clogs anywhere and water only between the T and the 90d bend heading to the outside wall. There might be 1/16th or 1/8th of lint along the plastic flex tube.

Is there anything I can do to stop the condensation short of tearing out the entire venting and redoing it with fewer 90d bends? Would even that fix the problem

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