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Detergent/ Fabric Softener buildup in FL washing machine

12 years ago

I've been reading post after post here in the laundry forum about powder versus liquid HE detergents, liquid fabric softener versus dryer sheets.

So many people mention how some products "gunk" up the machine and cause a film or buildup of product.

I'm wondering, how does one know if a product is building up in their machine, or "gunking" up the machine? Can one see it externally or is it an internal thing that people don't know about until they have a problem and a repair man comes out?

I have a Bosch Nexxt Premium, it's probably from 2005 or 2006 (was here when we moved in 2.5 yrs ago). I use mostly "natural" detergents- Seventh Generation HE liquid, although recently tried the powder. I've occasionally use Tide HE liquid in the machine. I do probably 4-6 loads a week, mostly on warm, a load or two on hot (125 degrees), and about monthly do a "sanitary" load- 155 degrees. I occasionally use dryer sheets, occasionally use liquid fabric softener. Rarely use bleach (maybe once every 2 months). Never use vinegar

I look in the stainless steel drum of the machine- it's clean, clean, clean. The plastic "paddles", where the water comes out into the drum, do not seem gunked up, and the detergent/fabric softener dispenser has no film or buildup of any kind.

Should I be worried? I did recently clean the drain pipe- where it goes into the "magic" hole it the wall- it was disgusting because it's never been cleaned since we moved in. Mostly there was a buildup of hair/fur and mold. As a note, there hasn't been a big mold problem in the machine. When I first started using it, had a little form in the gasket where some water sits, a little on the door. Since I now wipe it down with a towel after every load, and very occasionally use diluted bleach on those areas, haven't had any more mold issues. I also keep the door all the way open- the washer is in the garage, and there is plenty of room to do this. Every now and then I stick my whole head in the drum, and have never smelled any off odors.

Also, how does one know if dryer sheets are causing a build up in the dryer?



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