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To Machine Wash or Not To Machine Wash...that is the question

15 years ago

I think I'm finally ready to get my fabric washed this weekend for the (1) quilt I've been planning to make. I mostly have batiks in fat quarters, regular quarters, and a few half yards.

I learned on a very educational forum I frequent (and from my geezermom) that I need to actually prewash the fabric and use dye catchers. When I went to purchase those, I was looking for a kind of ball ... for some reason only my inner mind knows. It took a very long time of wandering up and down the laundry aisle to finally discover they were in a square box and that they were actually a type of cloth and it came with 20 of them instead of one ball. I was thrilled because I had been hoping there was going to be more than one ball in a package....don't ask, 'cuz I just don't have a cohesive answer.

So the word I'm searching for here is....ANYWAY....

... my dilemma is because these are smaller cuts of fabric, should I hand wash them or machine wash on delicate... and is it ok to machine dry?

Will appreciate any and all answers that don't ridicule me for the color catcher ball theory.



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