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Detergents, additives, and fabric softener brands: 2013 Update

9 years ago

I was bit surprised at reading some of the detergent threads here . . . who knew? They're very similar to the "Which oil?" threads on car forums (Mobile 1). Most of the detergent threads here are several years old, so I thought an update might be in order.


I wasn't aware of any of these brands until I came here (Persil, Charlie's, LeBlanc, Miele, Sears, etc.).

I understand those with aversions to overly scented products, but I'm absolutely addicted to the smell of original-scent Gain (and have been for decades). I think it smells like FruitStripe gum (which I love!). I don't particularly like perfume on women, and can't stand cologne on men, but I really love the smell of Gain. I use Gain He, original scent, in the huge, 1.17-gallon jugs we buy at Target. My GF likes Tide He Pods (I'm not particularly fond of them since I always to forget to put them in first, as recommended).

From reading through some of the older threads, and looking at some other sites as well, I wanted to make a few additional notes which I wanted to summarize here:

Water softeners:

Unfortunately, we have hard water. Very hard. Common water softening agents I found include:
Sodium carbonate (washing soda)
20 Mule Team Borax (sodium tetraborate)
Calgon (sodium hexametaphosphate)
citric acid (chelating agent--limescale remover)

Fabric softeners:

One GW member in particular notes April Fresh Downy as her favorite. However, a quick check at Downy's site revealed a raft of consumer complaints regarding Downy's new formula (apparently there was a formula change two years ago to a stronger "April Fresh" scent).

We don't currently use a liquid fabric softener--we use Bounce dryer sheets, but we're moving to a combination washer/dryer (LG), so we'll soon have to switch to a liquid softener--guess which one? Gain! I didn't even know P&G made a Gain-flavored liquid fabric softener until I did a search just now!

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