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Help me wash clothes/quilt properly in my Bosch Nexxt Premium

13 years ago

I currently own a Bosch Nexxt Premium, WFMC6400UC. It came with the house we moved into 2 1/2 years ago. I think the washer dates to probably 2005 or 2006, so I'm pretty sure this is an early Nexxt model.

I haven't been entirely happy with the washer. I have started a couple of other posts asking about Energy Star top loaders (HE and non-HE), ready to get rid of this Bosch front loader. However, the more I read on this site, the more I realize maybe I haven't given my Bosch a fair chance as I haven't played with many of the cycles and usually stick to the Regular/Cotton cycle, using mostly warm temps, or hot/ temp boost for sheets and towels. I always run an extra rinse because when i don't it still feels like there is some soap residue, despite the fact that I only use HE detergent and follow the recommended amounts, sometimes using even less.

Here are some of the things I haven't liked about the washer, and again, I almost always use the regular/cotton cycle. Can you all help me choose more appropriate cycles? I haven't found the owner's manual very helpful.

1. How to load so the clothing or sheets don't tangle so horribly? I lightly layer the clothing, interspersing jeans with tee-shirts with dress shirts. I never wash just a load of jeans or just a load of shirt. I do wash only a load of queen size sheet set. I rarely load the drum more than half way, and again, lightly put in, not packed in.

2. When I buy dark cotton tee shirts, the shirt starts to fade around the collar and hem after just a couple of washes, and the collar seems to look ratty after around 6 months. Again, I've been using regular/cotton on warm. Similarly, my husbands cotton and cotton/poly dress shirts have had excessive wear at the collar tips and darks fade quickly and some of the material pills. I have had to replace shirts at about the one year mark, whereas with my old top loader, the shirts lasted a few years. I do turn them inside out. Any suggestions on these two? I am wondering if the Permanent press cycle would be better?

3. Sheets- all my sheets have had permanent creases put into them in the top hem of the sheet. I am unable to iron these out. Again, I run sheets on hot regular/cotton cycle with extra rinse. Is there a better cycle to run sheets on so they don't get creases like this, and tangled so horribly?

4. How to wash a queen quilt or mattress pad? Both fit into the washer okay with space at the top. The two times I've tried to wash these, the interior of the quilt or pad didn't get wet at all. I've been taking these to the laundromat, what a pain! Someone in another post recommended that I try a soak cycle first, then proceed with one or two wash cycles. The owner's manual recommends delicate cycle (which I admit I haven't tried). If you've had success washing a queen sized quilt, what cycle/cycles have you used?

5. Last thing. Has anyone successfully washed pillows in their washer? My husband and I have allergies (he to dust mites) and I haven't successfully washed pillows in the washer. They must run on a hot cycle to kill the dust mites.

All this said, I haven't had the excessive mold problems that others have had. I do keep the door open 24/7 and do wipe out the gasket with bleach about once a month. I like that the temps can go high on this machine, the sanitary cycle. This is one of my concerns about getting an Energy Star or HE top loader right now, only a couple of models have an internal heater, and I'm not ready to commit over a thousand bucks right now.

Thanks for "listening" and hoping with your help my Bosch will get higher marks with me...


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