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OMG! My childhood food is...real! Dampfnudel

14 years ago

Growing up my mother would make these balls of bread in a cast iron dutch oven. They were heavy with a sort of shiny skin and the bottom was thickly crispy salty almost burnt (the best part). We would eat the bread part peeling off pieces and saving the crust for last.

Even better she later took to just cutting up small flattened pieces of the same dough and cooking the same BUT that gave you a little more crust to bread ratio.

Yesterday I tried to make bread. Having given up at bed time when there was still another rise and cooking to go through I threw the dough in the fridge and thought today - maybe I'll just try making dumpfnoodle. Not having Mom to ask I thought I'll google it - NEVER expecting a hit. (I do google everything, I love google)

Well what do you know. Seeing it was just so surprising and fun. My parents are Black Sea Germans, descendants of Germans who emigrated to Russia for land in the 1800s. The area their ancestors moved from? Drum roll.....Alsace-Loraine/German border area! It all comes together in the food!

Now if I can just figure out how to make it. My mother I knw uses the oil, water, salt. I'm pretty sure my plain white bread recipe will work.

Here is a link that might be useful: My mother made this

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