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Free pack of Water Kefir Grain(SKG)

9 years ago

started making water kefir drink about two months ago. Because I heard it has natural CO2 and I'd like my kids to switch from store bought soda to this. Although that didn't go very smoothly. I did enjoy making and drinking them. It has many uses; I even put them in my sourdough starter as liquid.
Since they doubled everytime so I have more than enough I can use. I'd like to share with who'd like to give it a try. It will be sent in a little baggie weighing about 15-19g. You can put them in a quart size jar with 1/4 cup brown sugar, filtered water, and wait for 3-5 days(just 1st time cause you need to rehydrate them) in summer, 24-48 hours will finish a new batch.
Email me at and I"ll give you my mailing address where you can send SASBE to. Enjoy!

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