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Yummy Cheeses

14 years ago

I've tried some yummy cheeses recently that were new to me. Thought I'd share. One is Trader Joe's English Cheddar with Carmelized Onions. Wow. Really rich, lovely cheddar...the carmelized onions add a nice tang. I didn't think I'd find a cheddar I liked better than Dubliner, but I was wrong...this is great stuff.

Also found gjetost cheese, a Norwegian brown cheese, at a local gourmet shop. I had a roomate from Norway years ago who first introduced me to gjetost, and I loved it. So I was excited to find it at a local place. Norwegians eat it for breakfast; I love it anytime. Carmelly, nutty flavor, nice, not-too-hard, not-too-soft, texture.

I just love cheese...and trying new cheeses. What are some of your new finds or old favorites?

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