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Just got my new Bosch 700 'installed' today.

17 years ago

I just got my new Bosch Nexxt 700 "installed" this afternoon. I am currently doing the cycle before washing any cloths. It should end around 4:00. So far so good. The "installers" were definitly just delivery men. They stuck the drain hose in way too far and made sure that all the feet were on the ground, they did not even have a level. I offered him mine (thanks all for the tip to have one on hand!). After they left I called Bosch to see how far the hose should be in the drain pipe, the answer is no more than 10", not as far as it will go like my installer claimed (even I knew that wasn't right). I'm guessing I will have to fine tune the leveling once I actually put some laundry in, but right now it is very quiet and vibrates only a little when switching spin speeds. I'm trying to relax, but I know I am going to be a wreck until I am certain that everything is right. Wish me luck.

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