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13 years ago

This year Easter had fewer people at the table than usual. Ashley and Elery both had 12 hour shifts to work on Easter, which kind of sucked, but Amanda, Dave, the kids, cousin Tommy and my Mother all came for dinner.

The Princess and Bruvver started Easter early, last weekend, with a visit to the local nursing home to have an egg hunt with the senior residents. Bruvver hugged everyone and The Princess charmed them all:

We ran into my nephew's wife, Rachel, and their son Jourdon:

along with my sister's twins, Autumn and Summer, also known to the family as the Terrible Twosome:

After visiting the "Grandmas and Grandpas", we visited with the Easter Bunny!

I haven't figured out how they got so cute, when their mother has that big blue balloon for a head, though...

We went back to Amanda's house and made The Princess's favorite, Frisian Bread, but we filled it with cinnamon sugar and made a braid to hold Easter Eggs:

Easter morning at my house brought more egg hunts for The Princess and Bruvver, along with Dave's cousin Tommy, who suddenly sprouted ears, courtesy of The Princess:

The kids brought me Easter eggs that they had colored and decorated just for me. It appears that this year's Easter theme was Halloween, LOL, and Bruvver's was a bit the worse for wear, but it's the thought that counts:

Cooper looked and looked, but didn't manage to find any eggs:

The kids made him feel better by feeding him bites all the way through dinner because they were full of chocolate bunnies and so weren't very hungry.

Dinner? Oh yeah, we did have dinner. Here is our very abbreviated table. The Diet Coke is mine, the red pop belongs to The Princess, the Heinz catsup is for Dave's ham and Mother had a glass of red wine, I think in self defense, LOL:

I made Ruthanna's parmesan crusted fish, I used cod. We also had a glazed ham, but I'm not wild about ham and I'm tired of it but the kids love it, so Dave and the kids ate ham and Mother, Amanda and I ate fish, and we were all happy:

Fish must have been a theme, because I had some smoked salmon left from the batch Elery smoked and I made smoked fish spread. It was good enough that my Mother simply announced "I'll be taking the rest of that home with me". (grin)

I had to make Dave a cheeseball with beef, green onions and cream cheese, he doesn't eat fish, so he got rabbit!

I roasted some fingerling potatoes using SharonCB parmesan potato recipe, to use up the rest of the parmesan. I got a picture before but not after, go figure. I really liked the three colored fingerlings:

I made sweet potatoes just because I love 'em, and I made a wonderful silky orange and butter sauce for them, recipe courtesy of Readinglady:

Woodie's layered salad, with our home smoked bacon on top:

sol's honey rolls:

Dessert was a flock of Peeps who had taken up nesting residence on a batch of buttermilk chocolate cupcakes with fudge frosting:

Dessert was Grandma's blueberry crisp along with homemade vanilla ice cream, which I did not get a picture of. I did get a picture of my very first batch of homemade tiramisu, which was so good I sent all the leftovers home with Amanda, I didn't dare keep it in the house:

Oh yeah, I'll made that again. What could be bad about a dessert that starts with cookies and espresso, has a filling that requires 6 egg yolks and ends with a topping made with a pint and a half of heavy cream!

I sent all the leftovers home with Amanda and Mother and finished up the last of the dishes, while Cooper had a well deserved rest. He'd spent all day hunting eggs and playing with the kids, now he knows how I feel after a day with Bruvver, LOL.

Happy Easter, I hope everyone had a holiday as good as mine.


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