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New kitchen countertops - week of May 8

8 years ago

Kevin and I decided it was finally time to update our kitchen counter tops, which I have not liked since the day we bought the house. However, I did feel that I could live with them for a while, but that while is now over. The old counters (see photo below) were granite tiles, which was a small step up from the ceramic tile we had in Venice, but now I feel that it is time to renovate. We went to a kitchen store five minutes away from us in Culver City and got samples of engineered quartz stone. After three trips, we decided on Cambria - Kensington quartz. We had to order a new sink also because our existing one will not work with the new stone, as it was too large.

For the first week of May, from Monday through Friday, our kitchen will be torn up, and so we will have to either cook outdoors or heat up frozen meals that I will prepare in advance. Or we could eat out for a week, and since we seldom do that, that could be a good option. Right now I am leaning toward cooking outdoors, as we have plenty of room to do that, and the days will be long.

Any suggestions for how to cope without a kitchen for five days?? It doesn't seem like such a long time when I put it that way. I have plenty of room in the freezer, and I already have several frozen meals prepared, including tamales, stuffed pasta shells, plus some Indian, Japanese, and Burmese dishes that I have bought frozen. I am thinking that this might be a good time to go out for sushi!

I did not post this on the kitchens forum because I do not need design advice, as I have already made all the design choices, with the exception of a new faucet, which will be fairly simple. We will be spending a certain amount of time relocating kitchen items temporarily, and some might not make it back. I am hoping that this project will help me with decluttering.


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