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False drawer fronts at end of peninsula near end seating?

11 years ago

We are putting in a peninsula with seating for 3 on one side and one at the end. The prep sink (in an 18" cabinet) is on the peninsula with a 3-drawer stack about 28" wide on each side. At the very end of the peninsula, there is a panel about 18" wide or so. Cabinets are custom, vertical white-oak rift, full overlay.

Architect suggests putting false drawer panels in front of the panel at the end to keep the "lines" of the drawer stack going to the end. If we did that , I would omit the handles.

My initial inclination was to **not** put the false drawer panels in and go for more of a "cabinet verite" if you will. If we don't put them in then you'll see the edges of the first drawer stack.

Another option is a single solid panel.

Either false drawer front scheme would hide the edges of the drawers and make them flush.

We have a similar decision to make with respect to the inner corner--add a couple of pieces of trim to make the drawers fully inset at the end or leave a reveal.



Opinions? Has anybody else done something like this?

Here are a couple grainy cell phone pics to illustrate what I'm asking about.

As built:

Suggested panels:


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