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banquette seating entry room on an enclosed end?

8 years ago

So I am having a built-in L shaped banquette in my EIK/Dining room (only eating space in the kitchen). I am trying to maximize the table space I will have as it's my only dining space. One end is open and the other (tall end of the L) is closed in by a pantry cabinet.

The banquette will have a flip top on a piano hinge to maximize storage, no drawers, but there will be drawer fronts along the front matching the cabinets (and on the side view, though it's not pictured in the layout below).

Here's the layout facing the long side, view from the kitchen:

How much "entry room" do you think I need to account for on the pantry side? 12" ? 16"?

I'm trying to determine the max table length I can comfortably get away with, and I am having a table custom made in this style:

Also I want to tell the carpenter how much distance I need at the head/foot of the table to allow for room to sit at the bench there and have 3-4" of overhang as well as enough leg room when seated.

I am thinking of a 66" length- that leaves about 16" of bench exposed on the pantry end. Does that sound adequate? I'll also have 3 chairs at the exposed side/end of the table so if there is someone very large or physically limited there are alternative options. And I have 3 kids, so they are going to be the main bench seaters.

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