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Another short but successful Forum Friends Get Together

14 years ago

I just returned from lunch with cookebook (Kyle) and sweeby (Susan). It was just a "quickie" as we all had to get back to work but as usual, we all clicked immediately and were chatting like old friends.

Actually, Susan is already a friend as I met her for the first time several years ago and we get together fairly regularly. Kyle and I got there first and jumped right in gossiping about all the CFers and the current threads. The three of us pretty much talked non stop till we had to tear ourselves away to get back to the grind. :)

We met at El Tiempo (Cathy, Peppi and Sherry might remember this restaurant as we went there when they came to visit Karen a few years back). You know the food there is wonderful.

Of course none of us thought to bring a camera! Sorry! However, Kyle took a picture with his cell phone and has emailed it to us so Susan or I will post it asap.

It was great meeting Kyle and seeing Susan. I look forward to seeing y'all again!!


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