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Guidelines for a successful get-together or swap

11 years ago

Guidelines for a successful plant swap or get-together
What to call it: Is it a plant swap, a get-together, party, meeting? Decide and call it that so you won't get it confused with other functions on the forum.

Host(ess): Sometimes a group needs a person in charge, not always. Mostly someone to write down names, volunteers and lists, to keep the members up-to-date on who has said what and post results and changes. Also to post maps, send invitations or reminders and maybe a last minute post on where and what time the party is. Some people do forget. Also, they can be a speaker at the get-together if they feel comfy doing it, or choose someone for the task.

Place & time: Poll the members for the most popular place and time. Remember, everyone can't be at every get-together. Just make sure the majority agrees. Hopefully people won't get upset with arrangements. People that live far away (raises hand lol) have to understand that the majority is the best policy.

Attendance post: Make a post and have people add their name if they will be joining, or think they will. This always helps on the last day or so with the food amounts for people who are making trays and things.

Food & Drinks: Poll the members and find out if they would like to each bring a dish or order something. First, make a list of things you will need at the party. Then poll for volunteers to bring things. Keep a list on paper and in posts. If everything isn't covered then be bold and ask people on the attendance list to help.

Directions: Usually there are people who need directions. Keep a post updated for convenience. If possible, exchange a phone number or cell number for last minute lost people. It happens. :) It's always good for the members attending the function to print out the map or directions. If someone can make a vertual map and post the picture somewhere that is always good. I am very sight oriented. lol

Carpooling: There may be a few people that can't make it because of transportation. Try to find out if anyone needs a ride to the function and see if volunteers can help them. We don't want anyone left out. :)

List of possible things needed for get-togethers. Some are optional ideas

Tables covers
Name Tags (you may use the example if you'd like)
Paper/plastic plates
Drinking cups
Serving spoons/utinsils
Foil and clingwrap
Trash options
Cleaning things (I always carry a broom, dishtowels, glass cleaner, lysol,
gloves, papertowels. I always clean public toilets before guests arrive)
Toilet paper (I always bring my own for guests)
Hand soap (I always bring my own for guests)
Tickets for door prizes
Coffe Maker (remember filters)
Music (choose carefully or take a poll)

List of possible foods and drinks for get-togethers.

Chips & Dips
Hors D'oeuvres (had to look this up lol)
Beer (carefully watch youngsters)
Giant sub from Subway (these are affordable)
Buffalo Wings
Chicken from KFC or another place
Kabobs (many different kinds)
Cut up fruits & veggies
Ice Cream (maybe with rootbeer) :) I love floats lol
Cook-out meat: Hambuger, chicken, ribs, etc..... And don't forget the BBQ sauce! :)

Safety tips:

Try not to use milk/cream products unless it's powdered, like for coffee.

Try not to use mayonaise. If you do use it, make sure it's kept cool at all times. (cooler)
Try not to let more than one person handle meat products. Cook thoroughly to kill harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Always wash hands with warm soapy water before serving. Wear gloves if possible.

Last minute tips:

Label your dishes for ID
Bring a guest book if you want a momento (these can be fun)
Decide about alcohol before party. Take polls about it.

Make an "ingredients" label for homemade sauces, dips, etc. Some people can be allergic to some foods.


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