New dog advice

10 years ago

Let me explain our other dog Grace (pointer) first.

Pointers will roam so we built her a very large fenced in yard where we all hang out and cook, play, etc.

She's an inside outside dog, sleeps in bed with us.

Her feeding schedule is: 3/4 reg. size can of Pedigree wet every morning. We keep Pedigree dry in her bowl at all times. It takes her a couple of days or so to eat a full bowl of dry food.

Last week we found a stray dog on our porch. Very ragged looking, starved it seemed. I thought it may be a tornado dog (from our big tornados last month where many dogs lost their homes and were blown away), but I can't find an owner.

DH took him to the vet (right now his name is "Boy."), got all his shots, flea and tick med, heartwoom bloodwork and heartworm meds. A good $200. lol.

He will be an outside dog. A mixture of cattle dog with the markings of a doberman. Long hair. He hasn't roamed, and he loves us to death!

Vet says he's around a year old. He is so healthy now it makes us proud!

I've only been feeding him dry food, in a medium size bowl twice a day. He eats it up like crazy.

Am I over feeding him? It's been about 15 years since we've had an outside dog.

If I make a bigger bowl of dry food, I'm afraid ants will get in it.

So, is two bowls of dry food a day appropriate or should I make a bigger bowl once a day?

Poor Grace is sooo jealous, but they sniff through the fence and get along fine. It's way too soon to introduce him to the fenced in yard, but dh likes having a watchdog out front. He has plenty of shelter, a very cool place to lay in the daytime, and we visit him often. :)

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