Does Vanguard Furniture make a quality sectional

8 years ago

Hello. I am agonizing over finding the right sectional for the family room in our new house. The room is a bit awkward and not all that large, so a sectional is the best way to make use of the space we have and maximize seatinh, and I need one end of the L to be shorter than the other. I believe in buying quality, but we don't have a lot of local dealers where I live carrying quality that I can look at and sit on. I have found a Vanguard sectional from their American Bungalow collection that I can customize to fit, but I'm concerned about the loose back cushions. Do they look sloppy with time? The company claims not to do semi-attached because they claim there are tears with time. I also saw some negative postings about Vanguard. Can anyone comment? I read good things about Huntingdon House but I'll have to drive 2 hours just to test one out. I am interested in a classic (but slightly contemporary with clean lines so it takes up less space). This couch will get a lot of use but my kids are older (and past the jumping on cushions and making forts stage). Any advice?

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