Buying a sectional sofa, need advice please.

15 years ago


My husband and I are in the market for our first "nice" "quality" sectional sofa and I need some advice.

1. Can you negotiate on price with furniture dealers? The cost of the furniture seems high in most cases. Any negotiating tips? What's the mark-up in this industry?

2. What are some good manufacturers and furniture stores out there? We've been looking at Bassett (their Easton sectional), but we're unsure as to that manufacturer's reputation and quality.

3. The sectional we are looking at does not have the "cording" (not sure of the correct term here) around the pillow cushions. So, it is just sewn. We're wondering how that construction will hold up over time. This sofa will have to survive daily family usage for many years to come. Should we get a sectional with cording on the cushions to provide some shape definition to the cushions?

4. Any tips on fabric selection and construction? I've been reading some bad things about microfiber attracting lint and hair.

5. Any additional advice or references to other information the web would be most appreciated.


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