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TGIF - 2/1/08 - It's Superbowl weekend!

14 years ago

Happy February, everybody! February just sounds cold, doesn't it? Say it...Febrrrrruary. LOL It's doing the rain/sleet/snow thing out there, and I'm inside by the wood stove. Nice.

The older boys asked if they could take my 15 yr old out of school early to head down to NY with them for a track meet at Madison Sq. Garden. I'm so lucky to have them to do things with their "little brother."

That means I get to spend the day with the 12 yr old and Mackenzie. I'm excited. We're not doing anything in particular, but I'm looking forward to a quiet night. Maybe take-out. I'm going to have a glass of wine.

Tomorrow is kid stuff, of course, including gymnastics, another track meet, and basketball. Tomorrow night is a surprise birthday party for Bob's brother (60th). Having a hard time deciding what to get him. He's hard to buy for and I want it to be something special because he's been very good to me and the kids.

Sunday, I hear there's some sort of sporting event going on. Something about a team that's undefeated or something or other. I guess I'll watch that.

Stay warm, everybody. To all our friends going through rough times, I hope this weekend is full of good things and happier times, something to celebrate.

Stay safe!


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