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TGIF 1-18-08 hope everyone is surviving the cold

14 years ago

BRRRRRRR it is sure chilly around here. The girls are getting a little cabin fever and driving me nuts. I think I need Dan to take them up to school and let them run laps around the gym floor. Not much going on, did get to go and see baby Aiden last Sunday, lots of stress in the house but that is another story. He is doing well and growing already. I have to laugh at my little brother, he called and asked some questions, like just how many times do babies poop, why do they want to eat all the time, what do you do if they are gassy (DSIL is breast feeding and overloaded on green and red peppers), and how do you take care of the cord, circumcision, give bathes and everything else. Poor bugger I love him but his wife my sil won't ask for help or ask questions and they are just fumbling along on their own. I was lucky that I was the oldest and this brother was 11 years younger than me so I got to take on some of his care when he was a baby. Plus I had my mom come and stay and help plus lots of calls for advise, even today.

Not a lot of plans for the weekend, going to basketball game tonight as usual, and then to my folks for DH to work on his bike and I need to pick up some prizes for our school's post prom in April. Need to get some cleaning done, the house looks like maybe 2 tornadoes came through and we haven't cleaned up the mess. Plus Rhiannon really wants to make some valentine cookies and valentines. Lord know I have enough supplies:)

Hope that everyone has a pot of hot soup and crusty bread ready for supper today, it is going to be a chilly one all across the US and Canada.


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