Eating and Workouts


I need to lose 60 pounds and am an adult female. I am learning to eat ONLY when actually hungry and to stop eating before I feel full; making healthier choices, etc.

I am also going to the gym 5-7 hours a week, alternating Body Pump class with Zumba (exercise dance)class taking 1 hour of either per day. It's a pretty vigorous program.

The time I take classes varies with my work schedule. I am usually not hungry until a few hours after I wake up. I go to the gym and have oatmeal with fruit and nuts after I get home even though I am not hungry because "everybody" says you must eat within 45 minutes of vigorous exercise.

If I had breakfast before exercising, I don't want to eat again until I am actually hungry for lunch, thus breaking The Rules.

"Others" say you should always have something to eat before a workout too.

What is the point of exercising if you begin replacing the calories used by eating before and after? Can't I just use up this oversupply of body fat I have???

If I workout mid afternoon, I don't want to eat before or after.

Are these "Rules" actually designed for people of normal weight and those who want to gain? It just doesn't make sense when the point is to lose weight.

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What is the point of exercising if you begin replacing the calories used by eating before and after? The main point of exercise is to build muscle and cardiovascular health ... weight loss is a byproduct of that.

Can't I just use up this oversupply of body fat I have??? You need a small amount of carbohydrates to efficiently burn fat, but as little as a half-banana is all you need.

Try eating when you are hungry, not when those damned "others" say you should and keep track of how you feel.

Responses to exercise are very individual: I'll sleep like a log after a workout, my housemate can't work out in the evening because he's energized by it.

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