Lost my taste for confectioner's sugar?

7 years ago

Earlier in the week, I made Lemon Ricotta cookies. They are supposed to be glazed with confectioner's sugar and lemon juice. The first batch of glaze tasted odd. Thinking the bag of confectioner's sugar had been stored too close to a scented candle and picked up the odor, I dumped the whole thing and started over again.

Second batch had same odd taste. I thought something was off with the lemon juice (it was fresh squeezed that morning by me. all I could conclude was one of the lemons must have been off although they all looked ok.). Dumped second batch of glaze. Threw out the sugar.

I totally replaced the sugar and the lemons. Made a third batch of glaze last night with fresh sugar and fresh lemons. Again, there was some off-taste that was most unpleasant. I tried adding a bit of lemoncello, but that didn't help. It was just a waste of good liquor.

I am using Domino brand confectioner's sugar. Does anyone know if they've changed their formula recently? Is it the sugar or is it me?

Any ideas for turning a batch of lemon ricotta cookies into bread pudding? (These are very very soft cookies, almost flap-jack-y)

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