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Linux now runs Sierra Wireless 875u 'out of the box'

14 years ago

I switched from dial-up to Sierra wireless a couple of years ago but could find no Linux distro that would allow the 875u card to connect to the internet. After two years my searching has come to an end. I installed the latest version of Ubuntu (9.10) and it connected without a hitch. Simply click on the "Mobile Broadband Connection" and select AT&T Data Connect (Accelerated) and you will be online. If for some reason you don't connect the first time try using another USB port.

The interesting thing about Ubuntu 9.10 is you have the option to install it inside Windows, install it on your hard drive or simply run it from your CD. If anyone has ever been interested in trying out Linux without messing with Windows, this is your chance. One note. My daughter is running Windows 7 (I have Vista) and for some reason her password would not work when installing it inside Windows so she had to run it from the CD. Other than that she had no problems. Good luck.

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