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WANTED: say I got my very first swap!!! Yippee!!!

16 years ago

Dedtired (also known as Pam), sent me the most WONDERFUL swap, all the way from Philadelphia! It came in record time too. First off was an envelope which said to open gifts first, (don't need to tell me twice, cause I LOVE presents!)

First gift was a set of beautifully embroidered shell tea towels. (she must have had someone snoop through my drawers and tell her the ones i own are very old and worn). The shell pattern on them is a beautiful shade of rose with a deeper burgundy threading which matches beautifully with the colours in my kitchen! They are also made of a heavier cotton so I know they will last a long time! Tied with colorful ribbons around them was also a set of pinch,dash and smidgeon measuring spoons which are so cute and will be put to good use not only for measuring but also scooping out the insides of fruits and vegetables for stuffing as suggested by other forum members.



Up next was a beatiful heavy cotton apron with a pocket(love the pocket on the apron), in beatiful shades of blues and teals with shells, fish and starfish embroidered in contrasting colours all over the apron. I needed an apron so badley! I do have some but they were made by my grandmother years and years ago with lots of frills and ruffles (are you visualizing?). They were so ugly I was too embarassed to wear them around guests, and have ruined more than one top because of that. It will be a joy to finally wear something that looks nice, and also doesn't make me look like an oversized hippo in a tuttu!


Next was a magazine from Philadelphia and some local grocery flyers! (Wish I had thought of the idea of including fliers in my swap..what an excellant idea..especially to see prices and various food items available in another country. Love the magazine and will enjoy reading it out on the deck in my comfy chair with my morning coffee!


An last but not least was a beautiful serving tray divided in three sections, with a giant shell print in each, with a lovely colorful striped pattern around the outside. I have just started buying more "serving dishes" as i put out these wonderful meals and end up serving them on old tupperware or dinnerplates as I haven't had anything nice to serve food on! This serving tray will be wonderful both on and off the patio!


Pam also wrote me the most wonderful letter. A line as quoted from her letter:

"Here is your first swap package! I hope you enjoy it. It was easy to choose a theme for you - Summer Shells for Shelley Somerville!) How priceless is that!

Here are all my wonderful swap items together!


Pam I couldn't have asked for a better first swap partner! Everything you picked is absolutely perfect both in colour, theme and in the items themselves. Things I needed desparately, but always put off buying. The theme you chose in connection with my name make them that much more treasurable. So thankyou so so much from the bottom of my heart. You are incredibly thoughtful!

This was a fantastic experience and I can't wait for the next one! Thanks again Pam, and Ann for letting me be included and organizing this whole small undertaking. I will be able to relax when I know my swap partner has received theirs in one piece!


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