WANTED: Wahoo! I Got One, I Got One...

14 years ago

of Diana/dlundin's photographic prints!!! I have been coveting her prints for a long time. Okay, let me settle down and start at the beginning. I can honestly say that I have been so focused on my swap partner that I was caught off guard when I found the package on the front porch.

Diana's letter walks me through her strategy for the selections for my Swap Box. Seems like she has excellent searching and/or recollection skills.

Unexpected Bonus Diane wrote a note in addition to her letter. She didn't cheat but the note card was one of the renowned "Blue Dog" prints so I framed it and put it in the laundry room because it goes perfectly with my "Blue Cats" print.

Blue Dog:

Regional Item McEvoy EVOO from California. Last spring I was going through Atlanta and (of course) stopped at Harry's Market. They were having an OO tasting and this is the same brand that I chose and bought. How coincidental is that? Well, not really coincidental, it was just that good!

Cookbook This is one beautiful book inside and out. And it has personal connectivity for Diana as she been to the chef's/author's restaurant and even tried to capture a signature for me. Diana has high praise for this chef's (Suzanne Goins) creations. Reviews on Amazon give this book 5 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews. I quickly found a recipe that I will be using quickly (yes, I will share it on the Discussion side). It is a chorizo stuffing and I always have chorizos.

EVOO and Cookbook:


Homemade Item OMG, I am so honored to have this. Diana took a picture of a plain ole pear and made it look like a James Peale still live. I hung this immediately, really before unwrapping the other two items. I would have thought that I went to heaven with just the photo, but Diana framed it so perfectly too. You just can't imagine how beautiful this is in person.

Framed Pear Photo:


AnnT thank you for giving me to Diana.

Diana, you are a fabulous swap partner.

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  • sheshebop
    14 years ago

    Cathy, I do believe that every person here lusts to be Diana's swap partner. Her choices are perfect, and to receive her art is the highest honor. Very, very lucky you. I would kill for that pear. Wonderful job, Diana!

  • mustangs81
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Here you go...supersized.

    Shucks, there are reflections on the glass! I'll take another picture and try to eliminate the shadows.


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  • lynnalexandra
    14 years ago

    Wow! That is beautiful.

    Again, what a great package. It's got me salivating. I was going to go to Borders, but now I'll have to add a stop across the street at William-Sonoma in case they have that olive oil. Or, heck, I'll just sample what they do have.


  • Gina_W
    14 years ago

    That is a stunning, stunning photo, and so beautifully framed. Diana - ya done great (once again)! Cathy that cookbook looks like a classic, and Diana must've been psychic with that olive oil!

  • teresa_nc7
    14 years ago

    Wonderful swap package, Diana! Lovely pear photo - as usual. And then some great EVOO and that great looking cookbook too.
    I'm happy, happy for you, Cathy!


  • goldgirl
    14 years ago

    Who knew a piece of fruit could look so awesome! What a fantastic group of goodies. Cathy - youre kitchen is gorgeous!

  • Terri_PacNW
    14 years ago

    Wow That's amazing. I agree who knew a pear could be such art!

  • triciae
    14 years ago

    Cathy, what can I say? You are one very lucky lady with that pear!

    Diane, you are hopefully showing your art in a gallery. I would pay for the worth of that pear! Your talent is awe inspiring. Please show your work at the '07 Mystic Art Festival! Please!!!

    I've intrigued with the EVOO. I've always just used the store stuff until finding this forum. Now, I'm experimenting and am mostly just confused.

    The cookbook's title would draw me right in. I love the whole concept of "Sunday Suppers".

    What a great swap present.


  • homesforsale
    14 years ago

    Splendid!I have admired Diana's photos for a long time...

    I even love the reflections in the glass./
    Quelle belle poire!
    I'll google the cookbook..I mean..if it's that good:)

  • robinkateb
    14 years ago

    Sherry, You are completely right that I lust after being Diana's partner, or just finding out if I could buy a print. Funny Chase I thought that Diana would probably send a print as well and i was looking forward to seeing which one. Everything in this package is great but the photo takes center stage.


  • craftyrn
    14 years ago

    That photo looks like it found the perfect place to hang --Cathy your wall is just perfect for that frame & photo ! Diana sure is talented .

    Enjoy the OO & cookbook too .

  • deanna1949
    14 years ago

    What more can I say? The pear photo is a masterpiece! It is simplicity and elegance. Thank you for posting the larger picture.

    I'll check out the EVOO and the cookbook. They look like winners as well. Diana, that is one heck of a swap package. Lucky Cathy!

  • shaun
    14 years ago

    OH Diana that pear is beautiful, just beautiful!

    Cathy you are SO lucky!!

  • catlover
    14 years ago

    I have been Diana's lucky swapee. Her photography is a real treasure and one she is so generous with! What a great swap package. Adele

  • finally
    14 years ago

    Cathy, you are a deserving lucky-duck! What a wonderful package from Diana. The talent on our forum is just amazing, not to mention the fun and camaraderie. Diana's photo highlights the fact that Mother Nature is the best artist of all.

    I'll have to check out that book online. It sounds great, and the EVOO sounds like somthing to keep my eye out for.

    Great job Diana!

  • dedtired
    14 years ago

    You know, I think I will just keep participating in swaps until I am lucky enough to receive one pf Diana's photos. That is amazing! I love it. That cookbook is pretty as a picture, too.

    Nice nice nice -- all around.


  • maggie2094
    14 years ago

    Mustangs, I will take a print of that photo of your laundry room! Cool.

    Woweee. The pear and the frame are just super special and classic. What a talent!

  • ann_t
    14 years ago

    Cathy, You're welcome. LOL! You are so lucky to have a "Diana Original" How beautiful. Looks great hanging in your home. That cookbook looks very interesting. Can't wait to see what you prepare from it.

    Well done Diana.


  • weed30 St. Louis
    14 years ago

    Yep, she is definitely good...there are photographers, and then there are *photographers*. Diana's perfect eye actually makes you want to *eat* that pear!
    The cookbook sounds wonderful - please update on the yummy things you make, especially using the EVOO ;)

  • lakeguy35
    14 years ago

    WOW! I love that pear print. I know you will enjoy the EVOO and cookbook too Cathy. Great swap package Diana!

    (who loves his print of the two boats!)

  • debbie814
    14 years ago

    Super Swap Package! What a treasure to receive a signed print from Diane. Enjoy!

  • traceys
    14 years ago

    Well who knew a pear could be so beautiful. Diana you are an amazing photographer and very generous to share your gift. The EVOO sounds delicious. I almost bought that cookbook for myself when I was swap shopping but hey I'm cheap.

    Cathy, Enjoy that super package and, please post some recipes when you try them.


  • kent4489
    14 years ago

    Cathy, wow, lucky you! Super!
    Diana, your photos are always just wonderful.

  • riverrat1
    14 years ago

    I love love love the pear picture. Cathy, those are your colors and everything! Enjoy

    Diana, I love George Rodriguez' Blue Dog prints. This artist is from my area. You have great taste and this is a great box ;-) Good going!

  • stacy3
    14 years ago

    I love the story about the olive oil! And the cookbook sounds really nice...but that photograph - you are one lucky lady's just gorgeous. just beautiful understated elegance.

    Great job, Diana.


  • annie1992
    14 years ago

    Chase, I don't even HAVE a laundry room, my washer and dryer is behind folding doors in my kitchen. LOL

    That print is just absolutely gorgeous, like every other print I've ever seen of Diana's, she is so talented.

    I'm sure you'll love the olive oil too, my own personal favorite olive oil also came from Diana. She sure knows how to pack a box, doesn't she?

    Enjoy everything, Cathy.

    Diana, as usual, a superb gift.


  • dlundin
    14 years ago

    Wow, that got there fast! I only mailed it (USPS Priority, for anyone who read my rant) Thursday! Been outta town and it was nice to see that you not only received the package but like it as well.

    Cathy had mentioned her kitchen was sort of Tuscan in reds and golds so I did everything in gold. I just set up my back room as a small photography studio and that pear was the first little shoot I'd done in it. I was pleased with how it turned out and when I was thinking of something for Cathy, I thought this might be nice because I had only taken it the week before and it hadn't been "seen." I must say, it looks like it belongs on your wall!

    And of course, Sunday Suppers at Lucques... I'm always raving about the sweet potatoes with bacon, spinach and romesco sauce, which I had at A.O.C., Suzanne Goin's other restaurant... well, she included it in this book, too!

    Vicki and I went to dinner at Lucques a week ago Sunday and had this amazing kabocha squash salad, which is also in the book. I got the book last Christmas as a gift and loved it so much. I hope you do, too, Cathy.

    It was fun putting together a package for ya!

  • compumom
    14 years ago

    What can I say except "WOW"? THat is a super swap gift for a super person! I'm only sulking cuz I know that I'll never get matched with Diana to swap since we are both in the same town. Wah! I'm coveting that pear. I drove DH nuts when I was looking for art in our redone kitchen and wanted a piece with pears. In restaurant reviews, Luques is consistently written up as one of the best!

  • chancesmom
    14 years ago

    Cathy, what a great can tell how thrilled you are with it by your post! Diana, your talent is truly amazing.

    Enjoy it all Cathy!

  • lowspark
    14 years ago

    Yup, I think we can all agree that Diana's swap partner is always a lucky one to receive her beautiful photographs. And this swap is no exception!! Great photo, cookbook AND evoo.

  • mustangs81
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Yes, lucky me!!!

    I've already picked out my first recipe and it calls for EVOO so I can enjoy both gifts.

    Diana, Thank you for adding the additional points that I was too excited to share-even though I reread you letter and note several times.

    David, I do remember your boats. I'm joining the club.

    Tricia, If Diana does show at the '07 Mystic Art Festival, I want to stand in line to buy a coordinating print to go with my pear.

    Karen, I didn't know that George Rodriguez was from your area! That's interesting. An artist from my area does blue cat paintings. I have several her cats; you can see why I framed Diana's Blue Dog.

    "Blue Dog" goes with my "Blue Cats" in the laundry room:

  • alison
    14 years ago

    What fabulous pictures and prints! (I love the Blue Pets.)

    And that olive oil muyst be pretty special!

    Great job, Diane.

  • msrevise
    14 years ago

    What a great package! That pear is just beautiful, and the cookbook sounds very enticing. Hope we'll see a recipe from there soon!

  • andi_2006
    14 years ago

    Diana, the pear photograph is magnificent!!! You are truly an artist! WOW! A wonderful package! Cathy, you will treasure your gifts forever!

  • Carol Schmertzler Siegel
    14 years ago

    Fantastic gifts! Diana, your talent is amazing! Enjoy it all, Cathy! Looking forward to the recipes! Diana, what a great package and so perfect!

  • ziporion
    14 years ago

    Love the frame and matte that surround the pear print, very lovely! Lucky you Cathy!

    And the olive oil and cookbook are also well matched. Can't wait to see a recipe from this cookbook!

    Nice job Diana!


  • doucanoe
    14 years ago

    Oh, wow! Another spectacular example of Diana's photgraphy! It is lovely!
    The cookbook looks interesting and who doesn't love EVOO??


  • colo_lady
    14 years ago

    Okay now I KNOW this was meant to be MY BOX! That pear photo was MEANT TO BE IN MY KITCHEN! The colors are perfect for it and I love fruit photos and I so much love it and, well, it simply should be mine!

    Mine, I tell you!

    Doesn'tseemtomatterthatIamsuchafanIhavetheboatsphotoasascreensaver, doesit?


    I hope you know how lucky you are... *sniff, sniff*

  • mustangs81
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Colo Lady-Look who's with your Don Q in your kitchen!

    Hey, maybe we could talk Diana into doing MOTO's. This space screams for a partner for MY Pear picture.

  • riverrat1
    14 years ago

    Hey Cathy, What's in that jar? Very cool!

  • granjan
    14 years ago

    That pear belongs in MY kitchen but the frame is too dark so an error must have been made. It is lucious looking. And that restaurant is on my list to get to if I ever get to LA again. The book is lovely. Wonderful package.

  • mustangs81
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Karen, It's my match book collection. I haven't added to it in a long time because there are so few establishments who have matches any more.

    I wish you all could see it in person. It's beautiful.

  • deanna1949
    14 years ago

    Was the McEvoy olive ranch on Micheal Chiarello's show this week? I just caught a glimpse of it.

  • jessyf
    14 years ago


  • Lars
    14 years ago

    I'll have to look for that olive oil - maybe they will have it at Surfas. I'll bet it's quite tasty!

    Diana did a great job researching on you - congratulations on having her as a partner! I'll have to check out Lucques Restaurant some time when I'm on Melrose - they're having "dia de los muertos" this Sunday. I'll be interested to see what recipe you try first.

    The print goes really well in your house--the framing looks very elegant.


  • Bizzo
    14 years ago

    Oh! Diane's photos are SOOO beautiful. What an amazing package. Every element is so perfect. Good job!! And Cathy, the pear looks great right where it is!

    (I also have a matchbook collection, and like you, can't add to it much anymore... but it is a bit of historical travelogue, isn't it!)

  • Virginia7074
    14 years ago

    I am humbled by all the talent here. What beautiful prints. Hey - whatever happened to Surfa's anyway? Wasn't it endangered this spring? The cookbook looks good, the restaurant looks good, and the connection is very cool.

  • momto4kids
    14 years ago

    Wow Diana! How DID you do that? That photograph is beautiful! The Blue Dog card is cute. The cookbook is another one I want to look into. Sounds wonderful! I'll have to look for that EVOO. What a great package to receive!

    Super job Diana!

  • trixietx
    14 years ago

    Diana, you are so talented, the pear photograph is just amazing, it's beautiful.

    Very thoughtful package! Enjoy Cathy.

  • blueiris24
    14 years ago

    Lucky you, Cathy! That box is wonderful. The pear photograph looks perfect in your home! Enjoy.

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