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update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

14 years ago

New Wanted Swap! You will look at members who sign up for this swap list, then choose items from their list to send them. Please make sure it is on someones want list, ALTHOUGH extras can be sent in and be given at random. The plan is to have seeds sent in from your want list, I can not predict how many will come for you. So if you send in 150 then you may only get 60 sent in for you. IF there are enough extras sent in I will make it up, if not I may not be able to cover you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS, my stash IS limited at the moment. Remember, this is based on the packets sent in to you, although I would like for it to be fair I have no control over who sends to whom, OR how many extras may be sent in.

1. There will be no limit on the amount of seeds you send in. However, they must be marked with the person they are for, either by a number they will be matched too OR their GW name, extras that maybe included could be placed in a zip baggie with EXTRAS listed on it. This will be used to fill in any gaps there maybe in make-up returns. IF you do not want the number you send in returned to you then PLEASE let me know in your package.

2. You will get the seeds sent in to you UNLESS there are 5 packs of the same thing THEN they will go in a duplicate bowl and distributed among everyone.

3. You will have until Jan. 31 to sign up and the envies must be sent to me by Feb. 20 this will give everyone time to update their list.

4. YOU MUST HAVE A WANT LIST!!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE ON YOUR HAVE LIST BUT THE WANT LIST IS A MUST! Otherwise no one will know WHAT to send you! IF YOU PLAN TO SIGN UP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE YOUR WANT LISTÂyou will have time to update BEFORE sending but PLEASE at least have something for us to look at.

5. This will be for packets received only, I will Âtry to match your returns with the number you send in, HOWEVER, I have no control over the number actually sent so you may only have a few packets sent to you, which will be available for return. UNDERSTAND THIS IS A ÂGIFT TO OTHERS SWAP.

6. Please send in a bubble envy with enough postage to send back to you. If it cost you 4 stamps to send to me then please include at least 4 stamps back. MY POST OFFICE IS ONE THAT TENDS TO OVERCHARGE HOWEVER (irks me too!) But I will handle that I guess.

7. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SEND IN TO ME BY FEB. 20th I plan to have these back to you by March 7 before then IF everyone sends in on time. BUT I would really like to have them back to you no later then the first week of MARCH. MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE YOUR LIST AFTER YOU RECIEVE FROM ANY OTHER SWAPS YOU ARE IN UNLESS YOU WANT DUPLICATES OF WHAT YOU ALREADY RECEIVED.

8. HAVE FUN!!! If you have a specific question you may ask it here.

9. Limited or HARD to come by seeds may be a lower number, but if you have plenty of something please include a good amount just in case some have trouble starting seeds. Large seeds of course 15 to 25 would be ok, like bean seeds. OK?!

Also this will give you some time to get some things Winter Sown and maybe you can share some of what you might have left over and it will allow you to receive some more last minute wants in time to STILL winter sow them!!!

OK, marking seeds for the person they are intended for, you can either tape them to an index card and list the seeds such as:

1. Dianthus "Siberian Blues"

2. Aquilegia/Columbine ÂRuby PortÂ

OR you can type them to a sheet of paper with your list

OR you can simple place them in a baggie with a list and name of whom they are for.

OK, I think I have covered a lot, I hope! Please sign up! Thanks, I look forward to hosting for you!

---------------------------------------Original Post ABOVE---------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------Added Swap info BELOW---------------------------------------------

NOTE: When your mail you bubble mailer to me, you also need to include an address label for returning to you and a list of what you sent in so I can make sure NOT to resend your seeds back to you if there are any extras to send back to anyone.


REMEMBER GET YOUR TRADE PAGES STARTED IF THEY ARE BLANK, and those of us who are in the other swaps we will be updating a little later so let's try to wait and send in until we can check those members list.

Those of us who are in other swaps will POST TRADE PAGE UPDATED when we change our info!

NOTE: No one needs to start sending out until around the 7 or 8 of Feb, that way this will give them time to look at those of us list that have been updated from the other swaps.

SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LIST ARE UPDATED AS SOON AS YOU CAN GET THEM DONE BEFORE MAIL OUTS STARTS!!!! IF you don't mind getting doubles of something you already received then PLEASE leave it listed as a want!

I will do my best to make sure you get as many back as you send in. ALSO if you want all flowers or all veggies or a mix then make sure I know this too so I can send you back what you are really wanting.

I would have my trade page updated by no later then Feb 10. This still gives everyone time to check your list and mail to me. I would like to be able to mail your envies back to you by the last week of Feb. IF some of you will be a little late sending to me this is ok, BUT I would really like to get them back to you by the 1 first week of March.

I want to add that anyone can add to their list as much as they like. It was suggested in the other swap group (as suggested by agirlsgirl, Thank you dear great idea btw) to post the date you newly updated like if you added Carrots: Purple Dragon and Carrots: Thumbelina and Artichoke: Globe you would post your update like this:


Artichoke: Globe

Carrots: Purple Dragon

Carrots: Thumbelina

This makes it easier on those who have already checked your list to find your updated information.

Ok, about marking packs for someone else. I suggested using an index card and writing down the seeds with the persons # number and name on the top BUT this is not mandatory, you can put them in a baggie is you wish like those sandwich baggies that either fold over or zip lock. IF you use the fold over baggies make sure you secure them so that the seeds don't fall out and then you can tape a piece of paper to the baggie with the person name and #number example: #1 NCGardengirl this will let me know who it is for.

Be SURE when you send your seeds in you let me know your GW name and your number assigned to you because I will be going by the number list we have going. It just makes it easier to look at the number then try to hunt a name. Which is the reason I also am asking you to use the number# assigned to each person.

Again, if you have questions PLEASE ask them.

It was suggested to me that we should hold one of these swap more than once a year. Would there be any interest in may having another one? Possibly every four months? Schedule would have to be worked out later. If you think you might be interested in something like this please EMAIL me about it.

Ok, in this swap Everyone WILL get what is sent in for them UNLESS:

1. They remove it from their list AFTER it was mailed in.

2. Say I have Mexican Flame Vine on my list 5 ppl send me 10 seeds each of this plant... I DON'T need that many and 3 other ppl asked for it and no one sent any in for them I will allot at least 1 pack each to the others and MAYBE keep 2 for myself. IF however someone should receive 5 packs of the same thing I will dole out 2 packs to them and put the rest in a extras bowl to give to whoever MIGHT like them.

OR I will be posting games and use those extras as prizes IF ya'll would like to play games in this thread.

3. If they specifically tell me NO doubles.

REMEMBER you CAN send in extras if you wish, MEANING NOT DEESIGNATED SPECIFICALLY FOR SOMEONE. THOSE will be put in a bowl and given a random like I will come on here and say we have 3 packs of Candy Striped Zinnia the first 3 to GRAB them will get them in there envies. And so the first 3 to request them will find those extras in there envies :).

OK? Any other questions? Just ask!

OK, I had another question asked via email:

Fran, I saw the recent postings about what happens with seeds that are sent in to you.

You said that we would get the seeds that are sent in for us unless it is removed from your wish list after it has been sent in. I was wondering about all the postings where people had a surplus of seeds and asked if anybody wanted any of those. People were just replying saying "yes, I've some some of this and that". In a few cases, private emails have been passed along to see if someone might be interested in seeds that are close to something on their wish list.

Are people supposed to be adding these items to their wish list as they respond to postings or emails saying they'd like those seeds set aside for them? If so, I'd better do that myself, but I don't think people will have been doing that yet (ie my posting for various seeds...I haven't seen anyone update their wish list when they said they'd like those seeds...not sure they're aware they should be doing that).

Make sense?

Let me know your thoughts.

ANSWER TO THIS IS: When you make a post to offer seeds and someone request them YOU as the poster are now resposible for making sure those seeds are marked for that person since this is a special request OR offer then YOU must also put on that pack as per requested offer.

OR something to that effect to let me know these seeds are a special request and MUST go to the intended person.

If you made it through a private email same thing let me know some how these seeds must go to this intended person.

Anyone that has a way to make this easier please feel free to post your method what works for me may not work for someone else but yours might!

Question I have been asked twice now: Is it ok to use or send in Commercial packs? Yes, commercial packs are fine. A lot of mine are commercial packs and I have split them up to share with others, as a matter of fact I have ordered some specific seeds because they were on want list.

My garden was new in 2008 so no seeds really to gather.

I personally don't know anyone who would say NO commercial packs allowed for me, UNLESS they are totally organic and are not sure where the seeds came from. Other then that I would say commercial seeds are fine.

If you are concerned with updating your page in time after you get your swap packages back I have a quick solution: BEFORE you open you package go to your want/have page change window: As you are pulling out your new seeds to see what you have make the changes then, IF you plan on moving them to your haves (which I personally wouldn't I would open note pad or other program and transfer them there, WHY? because might not have enough to share BUT still want a record of new seeds) or you might just want note out beside some or all that you received these seeds AND if doubles of this one are wanted go ahead and note that then too.

YES I KNOW HOW EXCITED YOU WILL BE AND THIS MIGHT SEEM LIKE AND IMPOSSIBLE TASK BECAUSE OF YOUR EXCITEMENT BUT some of us are gonna be posting what we got in return so this will be taking care of two things at once because you will be updating your page AND you can be making your list all at the same time!

Thanks so much,

Your Hostess,

01. ncgardengirl-Fran*****

02. medontdo-Michele

03. markcase1964-Mark*****

04. lgslgs-Lynda

05. misskimmie-Kim

06. conniesc-Connie*****

07. heatherbon-Heather

08. dirtdiggin-Toni*****

09. gardeningbingo

10. grolikecrazy-Chris*****

11. douglasls-Lisa

12. beverlysc-Bev

13. aphroditelaughs-Ellie

14. sissifriss-Myriah*****

15. chellflower-Chell*****

16. mary_grether-Mary

17. poisondartfrog-Alana*****

18. grovespirit-Iris

19. lindaruzicka-Linda*****

20. angelady-Angela*****

21. dimples31312-Dorothy

22. strmywthr3-Barbi

23. smokymist-Cheryl*****

24. jas_il-Jasmine

25. kristlindgren-Kris

26. ishareflowers-Lisa*****

27. purpleacres-Tracy*****

28. countrygirl_sc-Gail

29. fleethart-Fleety

30. hmacdona-Heather*****

31. echinaceamaniac-Clint

32. lakedallasmary-Mary

33. diana_lynn-Diana Lynn

34. smitties-Margo

35. ashle999

36. yotetrapper*****

37. mcbdz-Pattie

38. graanieb-Bea

39. sassybutterfly_2008-Wendy*****

40. threeshyacres-Jodi*****

41. blue_ivy-Tola

42. ibartoo-Linda

43. jaleeisa-Kathy*****

44. molanic-Molanic

45. rane_grow-Iris


47. southerncharm1-Kathy SC1

48. kilngod-Tina*****

49. luvgardening2-Nancy*****

50. rbrady-Rhonda*****

51. dessieb-Dessie

52. Shanta_5-Shanti

REPOST OF Important info

Yes, I would like to address this issue too, many of you have nothing on your list.

Are you not checking in here to read at all? WE NEED A LIST TO SEND TO YOU...PLEASE UPDATE YOU LIST WITH SOME WANTS ON THERE.

Look at the names of stuff or do a little research, if you are not sure what somethngs maybe instead of just putting beans or watermelon at least say something more like I have never grown these before so would be happy with any until I can figure out what I like most. SOMETHING to indicate to us the you really don't have a preference to BEANS or any of the other general list.

There are TOO many specific seeds out there in each family to not say anything more than just a gerenal listing. You will not get to many things if you only list stuff like:





Instead you can say:

Beans never grown any are fine

Beets any

Canatloupe large, orange flesh type/green flesh/ OR ANY

Cosmos any

IT HELP SO MUCH WHEN YOU HAVE MORE INFORMATION THEN JUST A GENERAL LIST...I understand you may be new to gardening, but please help us out a little more. THANKS

ALSO, those of you who do not have anything listed PLEASE PUT SOMETHING UP...we can not send anything for you IF you have no listings at all.

ALSO, PLEASE CONFIRM YOU ARE STILL IN THIS SWAP, I have not heard from some of you since you signed up. When no one sees you posting at all they assume you have dropped out. I have had questions asked about whether or not some are still in this swap, and I have to say I assume so I haven't heard anything either way.

OK, 09. gardeningbingo I can not contact you, you have NO way to be contacted. PLEASE PUT UP A EMAIL ADDRESS SO YOU CAN BE CONTACTED BY MEMBERS WHEN NEEDED...THANK YOU.

As far as I know this is all the issues at the moment ppl have ran into. IF THERE IS ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO ADDRESS PLEASE SAY SO...


Posted by sassybutterfly_2008 7 NorthWest GA (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 11:26

I have a couple of 'extras' that need homes, nothing terribly exciting yet, but trust me I'll get to those too! (been BUSY sorting my seeds.. my goodness!)

I have:

6 offers of Aster 'Crego Mix'

2 offers of Bachelor's Buttons Double Mixed Colors

10 offers of BLUE Bachelor's Buttons

10 offers of Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden'

2 offers of Seet Peas 'Royal Mix'

7 offers of Shirley Poppy (asst'd colors)

4 offers of 'Mammoth' Sunflower

3 offers of Zinnia 'Lilliput Mix'

5 offers of Gloriosa Daisy

4 offers of 'Crackerjack Mix' Marigolds

2 offers of 'Dwarf French Mix' Marigolds

5 offers of 'Shasta Alaska' Daisy

5 offers of 'Old Fashioned Cut Flower Mix' (includes baby's breath, crimson clover, sunflower, cosmos, cornflower, ch. forget me nots, china aster, calendula, garland daisy and love in a mist)

10 offers of 'Countryside Wildflower Mix' (includes baby's breath, cornflower, crimson clover, 4:00's, Calendula, Ch Forget me nots, Blue Flax, Siberian Wallflower, Common Evening Primrose and Candytuft)

1 offer of Poppy Oriental Red Perennial

6 offers of Sweet William

1 offer of Cosmos 'Sensation'

Let me know if anyone's interested in any of these.



Follow-Up Postings:

Message from Canada


"Hi Everyone,
I was reading the earlier posts and wanted to assure you that I didn't leave anyone out that is in Patty's swap. I had to mail my seeds to Fran early only because there's a possibility it could take a few weeks to clear customs. I kept records of everything I sent in for individuals for Patty's swap. Since sending seeds in for Patty's swap, I've received a number of orders in and went back through everyone's lists over and over again. For anyone in Patty's swap, if I had enough of a commercial seed to share, and I hadn't already sent it in for the other swap, I sent it in your baggie for this swap. I knew there may be a risk of duplicates, but I know that Fran is going to go through the seeds, and if you're no longer needing that seed, there will be someone else in this swap that will be looking for I know it will be put to good use. With any seed order, I didn't always have enough to send "everyone" that had that item on their wish lists, so I tried to balance things out as best I could.
I thought this would be the safest route and hope you do decide to stay in this swap. Keeping in mind duplicates are probably a good thing. A number of people have posted here that they may only have a teeny bit of a seed type to share, so getting two packs of something with only a small bit in it, would be great. I agree with another poster here, that seeds from Patty's swap will most likely only affect people's "have lists". It seemed like most people here have been adding to their "wish lists" on a regular basis so everyone is bound to get seeds they did not receive through Patty's swap. Please reconsider....I've sent some seeds in for you. Thanks....Heather"

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

opps, forgot to link #4 thread to this one

Fran (who wants to change her name to Fanna because it is close to funna which when I am tired means FUNNY in typonese)

Here is a link that might be useful: Swap post #4

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 13:08

Dirtdiggin -

Yep, still have plenty of white marigolds. I meant it when I said I had a lot of these. :) I've got yours packed up.

I'm also putting in a pack of Asters "Duchess Mix" for you. You should like those if you like cregos.


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

My post was the last on the other thread, so just in case it was missed, here's what I wrote....

Lynda - Do you have any extra white marigolds? I would love some if you do.
Wendy - If you have any extra of these I would love to have some
Aster 'Crego Mix'
Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden'
BLUE Bachelor's Buttons
and Sweet William

I received a large baggie of hand collected Clematis seed. They are not marked but are a mix of pink, lavender, deep purple, rose and some autum clematis. I'll put up 10 offers if anyone wants any.

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I think Fanna is off her banana! Haha too funna.

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

dirtdiggin, I would love some of the clematis seeds.

Lynda, would also love any of these that you may have left:
Gloriosa Daisy
Aster 'Crego Mix'
Bachelor's Buttons Double Mixed Colors
BLUE Bachelor's Buttons
Cosmos 'Sensation'
Shirley Poppy (asst'd colors)

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Wendy - I would love to take you up on some of your seed offers. If you still have them I would like sweet pea, crackerjax marigold, shasta alaska daisy, and cosmos sensation.

Lynda - I would love some white marigold for my son. Marigolds are his favorite flower.

Dirtdiggin - I would like a package of clemantis please.

Thank you all.

RE: Sorry!

Sorry, I meant Wendy!

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

howdee all

Wanted to let you know that I UPDATED MY WISH LIST for the last time. Veggies and herbs. Don't really want a flower unless I can eat it. I have to do what I have to with the huge pay cut and hours lost my hubby just went through. I will be tearing up all my flower beds and replanting only things that can be used or eaten well besides a few select things like michaelson daisy. Such a pretty little purple daisy. Not even sure if that is the name.


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: ishareflowers 5 MA. ( on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 13:52

Hi everyone,

I'm still in! I have been liniting my time on the computer due to a pinched nerve in the neck. I'm going thru lists little by little everyday.


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I've already packed my seeds and one went out to you Fran,about a week ago, hope you got it.
Mary-LakeDallas, I'm not feeling bad at all for sending my seeds earlier than a deadline, as long as we're not late and we send them out, right?
No upsetting needed-it's only seeds.
Managed to bring my plants back outside for the 3rd time this season, it's usually once, twice the most, hope cold spells are over with. I've got mostly rooted and gifted plants, like 4 good luck (Ti) plants, bromeliads in bloom, large red flowering Salvias , 1 blue too--another blue in bud, peace lilies, rosemary , Norfolk pine etc, impatients-dble pink and red,others, all have stories...have traded seeds from Salvia and this year plan on rooting/planting and saving seeds of way more.

Here's what I made for breakfast, sort of like pancakes/crepes but faster.



2 egg whites
1/4 c skim milk or whipping cream (or half-and-half)
1/4 tsp each vanilla and orange/lemon extract
1 T brown sugar and/or Splenda
1/4 tsp cinnamon-or to taste
2 tsp unsalted butter (or more, if needed)
4 slices of bread ( I used 2 split whole wheat hamburger buns, or use other bread, sliced about 1 inch thick)
Honey, pancake/maple syrup or fresh fruit puree, for serving, opt

  1. In a bowl, combine first 5 ingredients, whisk until blended,about 1 minute.
  2. Heat a heavy or non-stick skillet; brush with butter, cooking over medium-low heat.
  3. Soak bread slices in the batter for about 1 minute, turning over once and pressing down on bread to absorb the batter. Place bread ( let it drip some over the bowl) in the single layer in skillet and cook until golden-light brown on both sides, about 3 minutes, depending on the size and kind of bread. Serve warm with the syrup or as you like. (we like it plain)
    Serves 2. Recipe can be doubled or multiplied.

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Wendy, I would love some of the following - thanks!!:
Aster 'Crego Mix'
'Dwarf French Mix' Marigolds
'Countryside Wildflower Mix'

Dirtdiggin - I would love to try your clemantis - thanks!!

I hope when I am finished packing up seeds, I will have some extras to offer as well!

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Huumm humm hummm hummm hum, things are getting along here, I'ver got my list with everybody's wants next to their name, thought I better start and not wait for Patty's swap package to come back or I will go crazy pulling a stunt like the last one ,getting ready for that swap, sooo....don't change your list now! Chris
Last minute adds here and there might be doable afterwards though. Chris

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

could i have some of the white marigolds? They sound awesome! Linda

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 14:33

Hi Lindaruzicka. I've got you down for a pack of white marigolds. :)


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Lynda, if you have any of those white marigolds left, may I please have some too? :D

Toni/Dirtdiggin, could I please have some of those clematis seeds too?

*bats eyes all cute like*...

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Lynda, I LOVE white marigolds....would love some.

Wendy, I am sure you know I like Asters and Poppies RIGHT?
And if you still have those French Marigolds I would take some... I plan on using them as masking plants in my garden, I HOPE they confuse the bugs this year!

:) Fran

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Can I have Aster 'crego mix'
Baby's breath covent garden and
Sweet peas 'royal mix'


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5


Have you down for mixed clematis

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 15:44

OK - white marigolds packed up for Fran and for Southerncharm1. :)


White Marigolds ?

Lynda - you may have missed my post, but may I have some white merigolds too please? Thank you

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I would love some of the clematis. THanks. I would also be interested in Wendy's shirley poppies and the red perennial poppies. Thanks

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Oh thank you so very much Traci and Lynda!!! :D

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 16:20

Dirtdiggin - yes I saw, and packed them up along with one other goodie. See post #4 in this thread if you are curious or don't peek if you want it to be a surprise. :)


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Hi everyone again.
Please e-mail me if you'd like to share or recieve recipes,
thanks, have a good friday and weekend hugs

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

lol thank you Lynda :)

I'm wondering how long it takes for the posts to show for others. Several times I've posted right at the same time as someone else and when I check immediately, their post isn't there, but it shows later. Have missed a few posts that way. Including on the guess that plant game in Patty's swap. I posted at the same time as the winner...yet I never saw her post until she said, Hey...knock

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Master List for All Wow Participants

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Lynda-i would not mind a couple of the white marigolds they will look nice with the ones i have to edge the garden if you still have some available.

Wendy I would like 'Crackerjack Mix' Marigolds if you have some available.

I must forewarn everyone i have not had realy internet for a lil while so i will be posting ike a lunatic. lol



RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 18:00

Got you down for white marigolds, Heatherbon. :)


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Kathy (jaleeisa) - Thank you! Yes, it is a little work, especially at the beginning. Thanks for noticing. I like your way of looking at the two swaps (very positively). It does make me feel a bit better about it.

Lisa (ishareflowers) - I'm so sorry about your neck! You're certainly in my thoughts and prayers!

Dirtdiggin - It takes me a little bit to type what I'm sending sometimes (or I get distracted with something else around here while I'm posting). By the time I submit, I go back and look to see if any other posts came in above mine and a whole lot of the time there is! I've resorted to opening two tabs/windows of the same thread. One I use to read the messages and refresh the page. The other I use to type my post in.


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I got my package from Patty's was awesome ! I'm going to pretty much leave my want list ' as is' with the additions I've already made. I'm going to spend this weekend starting to pack, but won't mail until everyone has posted that they've gotten their goodies from the other swap . Can't wait !!!!

Re: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Nancy (luvgardening2) - I just wanted to be sure to let you know that we will fully understand your decision, whichever way you decide, okay? I can relate to how you feel totally. I've decided to move on and make the best of it. I know we will all get many more things if we do! Either way, there certainly will be no hard feelings towards you, okay?

Smokymist - Oh, that's GREAT news! I'm sure you're elated!

Lakedallasmary - No one is offended by you sending your seeds in already! I think it's great that others are together enough to not be a procrastinator like me! :-)


RE: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Oh, and the seed packets done with your kiddo's help (whoever posted that), I think it's GREAT! My kids helped with some packets for another trade. It's a good thing to do them as a family, in my opinion!


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: mcbdz 8 Louisiana (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 18:34

sassybutterfly, if you still have any I would like Aster 'Crego Mix', double mix or BLUE Bachelor's Buttons which ever you have left.
lgslgs, would love some white marigolds.
dirtdiggin, would love some Clematis mix if you have any left.

This Spring is going to be so cool(and busy)

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 19:34

Patti mcbdz, I've got the white marigolds packed up for you.


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

ok got everyone's requested seeds down from my offer..whew! :)

G'bea that french toast sounds yummy! :)

I'm feeling worse (again) tonite.. so I'm gonna browse just a bit more and hit the bed. SOMEDAY I'll be well


oh yea...

Almost forgot.. Lynda if you have anymore to share, I, too would love some of the White Marigolds.


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

mcbdz - Have you down for clematis :)

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Fri, Feb 6, 09 at 22:17

Sassybuterfly_08 Wendy - I've got the white marigolds all packed up for you. :)


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Wendy - I do hope you're feeling better soon! I had that aweful up and down flu/cold, not sure if I'm ever gonna get better yuckiness for almost a whole month! YUCK! Also, did you update your page? I was waiting to see if you posted about it, but I don't see that you said it was updated yet...


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: lgslgs z6 SE ohio (My Page) on Sat, Feb 7, 09 at 9:16

Just an FYI - I'm adding a few last minute wishes to my wish list:
Any Ice Plant (delospermum)
Any arctotis (African Daisy)
Any other interesting colored daisy-faced flowers that enjoy dry soil (If you think it's pretty, I probably will too.)


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Hi all, just checking in. It is an obsession now. I just wanted to say I am stil packing up but won't send in until we get the word from Fanna Fran to do so about all the updates. My daughter (10) ha been helping pack up seeds and typing on my slow to get organized want list. She thinks it is sooo cool to get to helpk and to type on this. She is also doingflowers for 4h and vege's along with a couple ofher own pullets. Very cool. I am a proud mama. Fran, I saw something above t tell you and don't remember what, I will look again in a sec.

Wendy-have you been to a dr???? Something that hangs on that long may need a little help to kik its butt. I am not big on dr's and medication my self, but it sounds like you may need a little help. Sometimes I have to guilt myself about not being able to help the kids as much or simple things like I could do more seeds or get planting more if I felt better, To make myself go to the dr. GO!!

OH yeah, Fran, I planted marigolds inbetween all of my tomatoe plants last year and noticed a huge difference. They say in the book I have been reading to just not plant near herbs b/c the herbs can take on te taste of a marigold and that might be kinda gross. :) But, they worked super well in the garden, plus it was really pretty. Anyway, that is my update for now. Oh, if anyone has any Orange Hawaii Marigolds, I would love sme for my chickens. I know yotetrapper was going to add them to her list, too. Just in case anyone has any they can share. Supposed to orange up the egg yolks and fat on the skin of my chickies. Thanks all Nichol

Oh, andthanks again to ANGELLADY for all of her hardwork.

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

HI HO all,
I have updated my list...I added what I received from Patty's swap to my have list and removed the items from the want list....although, not much removed from what I see LOL.
Althoug I received nice things from the swap there were a BUNCH on plain unnamed Poppies in there, Gaillardia too, and plain it looks like I got a lot BUT a lot were multiples of basically the same thing which is why I didn't actually remove much from my wants list...because of receiving lots of the same...Looks like I will have a LARGE NOID poppy field LOL.... anyone want some? I have a LOT...hehe I DID say I liked them didn't I?
I got a lot of different Peppers too and I just have them listed as Pepper Sweet and Hot on my want list so I can't remove those either because there are still a lot I would
So, even though I got stuff I can't remove a lot...SORRY...hehe
My package WAS impressive though, there were some nice things in there, I hope everyone else is pleased with their returns from that swap too! It was fun looking through the bag, didn't think it would take as long as it did but there was a LOT in there and I wrote out a master list as I went...THANK GOODNESS I took my own advice, HEHE

OK, I have rambled enough...well have to go get duties started, well really I think I am gonna go play outside since it is warm today FINALLY!!!

:) Fran

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I thought I was done adding things to my list, but then I went back through some catalogs. I have added Yard Long beans to my want list. I may add more soon, but I had to get these on right away, they sound so cool! Oh, I also added Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved. OK, I think that's all. For now.

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Ok, I'm an addict. I updated my list again.

Angelady, I've been meaning to say thanks for all the work you've done with the lists. Thanks for designating yourself our webmaster.

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

LOL! You're most welcome!

I will finish all the updates tonight to the master list. I'll then try to have the second list for updates from Patty's swap, if Fran still wants me to. I'm not sure how much time I will have, though. I still have to pack up many more seeds myself!! Do you still think we need a second list, Fran? I think most of us said that we made our lists officially updated as best we could. Just let me know...


Update ?

Angela, I noticed that my 2/4/09 update at the bottom of my want list doesn't show up on your updated master list? ...

I am almost finished packing up all my seeds, I had more of everyone's wants than I first thought ... this is so much fun!It was almost 60 degrees here in southern Maryland, so nice, I have a serious case of " wanna be spring fever " especially since I was playing in my seed box today ;-) I noticed some of my bulbs from last year are peeking thru ... they should go back down LOL winter isn't over yet here I am sure ...


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Well Angela I was thinking that if their seeds start coming in from Patty's swap and then they start removing stuff and not adding they received it on their have list then they may get doubles of stuff from this one.
Don't worry about it Angela, I will just go save their current list then I can just open it in Word and go back and check it when the seeds start coming in. So don't worry about it....I am gonna start working on saving their list now.
Again I was just thinking they would want to remove items they got a lot of or received any of from the other swap, but if no one is going to remove or update then I don't know how to handle this.

See my point? I was thinking everyone would be removing stuff and if someone sent it in for them if they removed it then they don't need or want that type of seeds anymore, BUT if they don't remove anything even though they received it in the other swap then I will be sending it to them and they may have loads more then they ever wanted or needed BUT I will still need to know it WAS on their list before hand so I will know they DID remove it and it is no longer needed.

MAN, I HOPE that made sense, kind of confused myself, but of course it doesnÂt help with a TV blaring in my ears either, I have to be able to THINK to write stuff and I have to concentrate to do to and SO has the TV on which is right beside the computer which breaks my train of thought..

SOOOOOOO I guess what I am saying is EVEN if you seeds arrive from the other swap and almost everyone has sent in to me already I STILL need you to do some kind of updating whether it is to leave that type of seed on there and list it as (RECEIVED, WANT/NEED MORE) OR whether you remove it completely because IF it is no longer there then I know you no longer need it and I can pass it on to someone else who may want itÂ.ok?

SO PLEASE FOR ME, I need information from others on whether they still need or want an item OR MORE OF THE SAME THEY ALREADY RECEIVED OR they no longer desire this item and donÂt need anymore.

:) Fran

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I'm packed but holding on till the last moment (in case I can fill someone's last minute wish)!

I came up with one--I added pearl or Cipollini onions.

Diana Lynn

PS - So nice out today. The fish-pond de-thawed and I didn't have to bundle up when I went out to pick some herbs!

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Fran - Hey, no problem at all! I have designated myself as webmaster, haven't I? :-)

I just saw two updates (I think) where they said their list hadn't changed much. I just wasn't sure if we needed two separate lists or one list that I update everyone on, which would be a little easier, but not too much trouble to do it separately. I'll just update both files every evening instead of one. So, it really won't be much. I guess I sounded panicked before about packing seeds. It really went fast last time when I went from the updated master list, so I'm sorry if I came off sounding like I wasn't totally enjoying being our webmaster! :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Compiled Want Lists for All WOW participants

List are saved

OK, I have saved everyone's list that is in Patty's Swap.

Alana, this was funny: Any duplication is purely intentional as the duplicates are ones I would welcome in multiples.

:) Fran

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

OOPPPPS, I had been working on posting ^ since my last post because I was working on saving those list and didn't see your post Angela...sorry

:) Fran

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I received my package from Patty and have updated my want list. thank you everyone for what I have already received and what will be coming.

If you already packed something for me, don't worry! I won't mind a duplicate at all! Your generosity and thoughtfulness that you took such time to look and find things for me mean more than anything!


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Hi everyone :)

Angelady ~ nope, not updated yet.. (I'm sorry!) I just haven't felt up to it honestly. But I have it on my 'to-do list' for tomorrow.. I'll post and let ya know. But suffice it to say if I get doubles I will certainly NOT complain! lol I'm anxious to get Patty's pkg I can REALLY update it..

Gardenmom~ nope haven't been to the doc.. no insurance here. joy. joy.. *sighhhh :P

Was a gorgeous day here. Got outside in the yard a bit, it was about 67 here today which was WONDERFUL!! We were down to around 17 last Sunday.. I've got daffodils sprouting already :P I'm just still kinda trying to take it easy so I can get WELL! sheesh


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

  • Posted by: conniesc 5 ( on Sat, Feb 7, 09 at 20:44

I received my package from Patty and my list is now updated. thanks fran.

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Fran - Well, send me your list by email, if you don't mind. I'll put it up on the new page and make the updates. I was hoping you would notice my post first!

Wendy - No problem! I just didn't want to overlook you.... get to feeling better, girl!


RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

I need help with getting things for the followig so far: gardeningbingo, douglasls, chellflower, poisondartfrog, ishareflowers.

Being new, my stash is kinda limited, so I don't have anything for them yet. Does anyone have any ideas??? Are they going to post more. I really feel badly not having something for everyone. HELP !!

RE: update: wow thanks! i wanted that swap #5

Ooops, I lost track of what day it was when I said I would be done updating tonight. I meant sunday evening... LOL... I thought the weekend was going a little too fast! :-)

If you've asked for an update on the master list, you should see it. Please, let me know if there are any mistakes you see. You guys are great helping me find what needs fixed!

BTW, I just want everyone to be aware that I'm NOT checking every person's want list and updating the master list. The only time I'm checking your page is when you tell me that you've updated it! I don't want any misunderstandings and people being overlooked because of it, okay?

Nichol (gardenmom2) - PLEASE, don't worry about sending to every single person. There are members that we just don't have any seeds to share with because what we have doesn't match their wants. Don't let it wor

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