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Kohler Bathtub questions

9 years ago

Right now I am considering a 32 wide and 60 ft long kohler cast iron tub. I am sorting through the website trying to understand depths of water and so forth.

It seems that the bellwether has a deeper 32 inch tub than the others but I am not sure. Can anyone who knows explain to me a good choice for a 32 inch tub in terms of water depth 9 of that type of tub)?
Also, anyone know the widths of the side ledges on these?
I Am looking at the bellwether and a few others.

Also looking at a 34 inch wide kohler for the other bathroom. Can 2 people fit okay sometimes in a 34 inch wide?

What is a good depth of water in general and good total height of tub I should aim for?

What depth is considered a soaking tub?

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