Subzero BI-48S or alternatives?

11 years ago

My wife and I are building a net-zero energy home for our family, and are looking for a fridge with the following qualities:

*Minimal energy usage

*Max storage size, in both freezer and fridge

*Can be 'panelized' to fit in with the decor of the kitchen

Buying separate fridge and freezer units doesn't work from an energy perspective, so we compromised by looking to find a large combined fridge/freezer. And from the Energy Star website, and from the large appliance store we visited, the lowest energy using unit with over 28 cu ft of volume is the SubZero BI-48S. We also like how it looks, and the salesperson was selling us on how it keeps food fresh longer...

But from reading this forum, I saw that there might be issues re: how much noise it makes and its reliability. So, my questions to anyone who's knowledgable:

*How much noise does the SZ BI-48S make? From how far away can you hear it?

*What's the reliability experience for those who have this unit?

*Does it really keep food fresher than other fridges?

*Is it worth the price?

*Are there any potentially better alternatives, given what we're looking for??

Thanks much for any and all help!


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