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missing 2 drivers in xp

13 years ago

I've installed a new hard drive with XP Home Ed SP2. In device manager there are still 2 devices with yellow exclamation marks - Ethernet Controller and Multi-media Audio Controller. As I've never installed XP with its drivers on a new HD by myself, I may have done something wrong.

(When I first bought my Dell Dimension Desktop 4700, I installed an Augigy 2 ZS sound card.) I installed the card and software with its CD, but didn't do anything with the onboard sound... Was it wrong to skip this step? What could be wrong with the Audio Controller?

I've been Googling all evening and have been to numerous sites including Dell's driver download site. However, I have no idea what I need to download for the Ethernet Controller or the Multi-media Audio Controller. (Neither of those names are listed!) My internet connection is with Verizon DSL.

I thought I would check here for help before going to the computer shop. Any questions or suggestions will be greaty appreciated. Thank you! :)

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