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Need shower floor tile QUICKLY. Any suggestions?

13 years ago

So, I'm in need of some kind of small tile for our shower floor. Since we plan on putting in a teak grate, I wasn't overly worried about this tile. My installer said we could get an inexpensive 2x2 that would coordinate with the floor tile.

Well, seems the tile stores just aren't stocking tile like they used to. All of the gray smaller tiles have a long lead time on them.

So now I'm frantically looking for SOMETHING to put on the shower floor. The floor tile is beige-ish gray so a gray would be great. I do not want white because I don't want to deal with cleaning it.

I'd like something that looks nice because there will be times that we will use the shower without the grate, but I don't want to go broke. I also would prefer a porcelain tile, as I don't want to have to worry about sealing a natural stone.

I've checked Home Depot, and Lowe's online is showing nothing. Does anyone know of a place perhaps online where I could procure something that will work (I'm not overly fussy: 2x2s, 1x2s, hex, etc. would all be fine) quickly so as to not hold up progress any longer than necessary?

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