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Shower trim/valve buying for dummies, please?

12 years ago

OK, so this is what I think I need for my shower: trim, which equals the shower head and the little arm it goes on, and a pressure-balancing valve trim, and then the pressure-balancing valve itself which gets buried in the wall. (If I'm wrong so far, or calling something the wrong name, please let me know!)

So, I can either buy a shower trim package and then the appropriate valve; or, if I do not like one element of the package, can I purchase the shower head, arm, and pressure-balance valve trim separately? If so, what do I have to know to make sure they are compatible?

Finally, is there any good reason not to purchase a recently discontinued item to get a discount? I want Grohe since everyone says it will last the longest (my chief concern), and don't care if it's not the latest thing.

Thanks very much!

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