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Hurricane and the NE Coast

12 years ago

I think this is food related because it will have a affect on many of our CF members.

Hope everyone will be safe and watch the Weather Channel.

Don't put it off lightly, be prepared.

I have heard many comments like

" I don't watch the Weather Channel they are never right "

That is not true.

What is true, they can't predict exactly, because of the changing weather patterns.

If they predicted bad weather and it didn't happen, just thank Mother Nature.

I have seen many tragedies, because of a relaxed attitude.

In my field " Building ", the weather paid an important role.

It meant a "yes", " maybe", or " no " with certain



Again , I hope everyone will be safe and your Gardens will survive.

I knew it was food related !!!

Jim, Dcarch, FOAS, Stay in touch.

I didn't forget all the others, just that there are too many to list here. LOL !!!

Ciao, LOU

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