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? re hardwood floor butting into tile transition

16 years ago

To Bill, or mongo, or anyone who has hardwood floors that lead into a tile floor in the next room...we have it in both the laundry room and the master bath now, and the problem is that the flooring runs so that the butt-ends of the planks engage with the doorway. Am I overthinking when I think we should cut out a space for a piece of wood to run lengthwise across and *that* piece of wood would engage with the threshhold/change of flooring? Or is it o.k. to butt the wood edges into a transition (stone in both cases--on is solid marble, one is large-piece-stone mosaic on fully-supported marine plywood)? Instinctively that seems wrong to me, but maybe I'm being too fussy...?

I can't for the life of me remember any transitions that I've ever seen, now that I'm trying to. Thanks for any experience/advice on it.

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