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transition between herringbone plank tile floor and hardwood

10 years ago

I may crosspost this in kitchens - apologies for duplications.

Kitchen floor in progress. Here is a pic of the floor at the new 10 ft opening between kitchen and dining room (and liv room beyond). It was a loading wall that has recently been removed.
Kitchen herringbone floor (to be) is Exotica porcelain wood plank -Oak- (not rectified) from Floor and Decor.

Not yet grouted. I'm struggling with whether to have grouted with dark brown in order to transition better between herringbone and the linear hardwood oak floor in adjacent dining room. Colors don't match precisely. That's okay. We will be staining floors (probably) in a year or two. Maybe a darker grout would add a little "striation effect" to the herringbone that would blend better with adjacent hardwood? Or should I go light with the herringbone since my kitchen lower cabinets or medium gray and light kitchen floor would work a little better than darker kitchen floor with the gray. Probably "6 of one and half dozen of the other" or "hair splitting" but feel free to voice opinions.

Our house is 75+ years old and has lots of places that show remodeling decisions based more on function than form so I'm trying not to get too hung up about this but your opinions are welcome, especially strong ones. And no, I'm not trying to fool people into thinking my kitchen floor is wood. I like the practicality of tile and natural style of wood - as simple as that.

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