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Didn't like cleaning ceramic glass cooktop...induction??

9 years ago

Hi there,

I'm a newbie, and my ancient stove just kicked the bucket. About to start an entire remodel. One of the first things I need to decide is about the stove.

So, my first (of probably very many questions): I disliked cleaning the ceramic glass electric stove top I inherited with the house. Will induction be any better?

Part of the problem was that the previous owner hadn't kept it super clean, so there was a ring around the primary eye that I could never get clean. I always felt like it made my pans sticky. While I hate the range overall (a Jenn-Air downdraft), at least I could replace the cartridges with the old electric coils.

Since induction surfaces don't get quite as hot as ceramic, will I have more time to keep it clean?

Thanks in advance.

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