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How Can I Add My Printer To My Wireless Network?

13 years ago

Up until about several months ago I had in my home office downstairs a Dell desktop pc (XP) and a Brother laser printer (HL-5140) connected to it, with service through a Qwest broadband modem (GT-701). I then got a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop (Vista) and a TrendNet router (TEW-633GR) for computer use upstairs. I am now trying to figure out how I can print from my laptop upstairs to my printer downstairs.

This is my current setup:

1. Incoming service to modem.

2. Modem is wired to router.

3. Router is wired to pc.

4. Printer is wired to pc.

5. Laptop upstairs is wireless to router downstairs.

With this setup, I can print only from the pc. Is there a way I can reconfigure things so that I can print from my laptop upstairs to the printer downstairs? TIA!

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