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Plan Feedback - Take 2

12 years ago

Revised plans for the house we are building. This is planned to be a close to forever house. We still have 2 teenagers at home. Bath 2 is made handicap accessible in case my 87 mother moves in with us at some point and needs it.

DH and I are also making the shower in our bathroom handicap accessible, just in case.

I am fairly happy with it. Concerns: Think the master bath shower (which will have no door and will not have a raised edge) needs to be a bit larger to be comfortable for two people to use and to be sure water doesn't come out.

Kitchen has been changed quite a bit from lost version. I like this but will probably move it about 6" closer to the breakfast room to have more clearance in front of the refrigerator. The bar in to be counter height, not raised.

The entry to the secondary bedrooms is off the breakfast room. The alternative would be make it off the kitchen at the bottom on the left of the refrigerator.

In the utility room, the open under the counters area is really to be the area to the left of the sink (this is to have a place for cat litter pans and food bowls.

We had hoped to keep it below 2700 SF but with the larger shower we will probably be over 2800 SF. I could perhaps make the large master closet a couple of feet shorter. Maybe make the study a foot shorter. I was making it that size to have room in there for a recumbent exercise bike and an armchair or recliner.

I wanted the breakfast room 12 x 12 but with having the entry there and the angle that added more square footage than I expected.


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