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Can I save this bathroom tile?

13 years ago

I've spent years saving and planning for my house remodel. I started with the bathroom. I'm pretty sure I know the answers to my questions but feel very insecure and lacking in confidence. Can you please look at these pictures and tell me if my concerns are valid?

The pictures are here and have tags explaining my concerns. Some of the issues don't show up well on the small pics, you have to click the All Sizes link above it.

The tile is from Adex's Neri collection. The field tiles, bullnose, and chair rail have a red body and the listello and half round liner have a white body. The tiles are 4x8. The grout is Mapei unsanded. We talked about using caulk in the corners but he grouted every corner and along the bottom of tile where it meets the tub.

I am torn as how to handle this. This is my only shot at renovating my home. I've never had the money to do it before and I'll never have it again. My biggest problem - I hired my brother-in-law. Super nice guy. Does home renovations for a living but I never would have guessed that he would do this kind of work. Yes, I've seen his work before. Sure didn't look like this, but then I wasn't inspecting every nook and cranny. Guess I trusted way too much or am I just too picky?

I doubt I'll let him finish the house but wonder if anything can be done to fix the bathroom tile.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


Here is a link that might be useful: my bathroom grout problems

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