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Bathroom from hell - Two year old bathroom tile flexing

2 years ago

Hi all, I have just had my bathroom renovated two years ago, everything was changed. I hired contractors to replace the bathroom for me. Two years on, tiles on the floor some of the pop when you walk over them and one was very loose. I ended up replacing the one on the floor myself, and tile literally popped up when i removed it (could reuse the tile). I took pictures of the adhesive they used and their method line below:

I then noticed the grout cracking in some places, specifically the tiles in the video below. Is this normal, is there a cause for concern regarding other tiles?! I can contact my contractor and on his checkatrade he has said he does a 5 year warranty. The tiles in the video are in the actual shower and are in an area which gets hit with a lot of water.

Thanks for your responses.

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